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Salman Abid Achievements:

In this age of media rhetoric especially in Pakistan, voice of true insight which obviously comes from in-depth study and research through history archives and reliable current affairs publications, is rare and valuable. Salman Abid chose not to go with the flow of course due to legacy he has of his father a veteran Sr. Editor Mr. Abdul Karim Abid and research and development attitude. He climbed the ladders of media right from reporting, analysis, profile interviews to column writing in renowned National Daily Newspapers e.g. Nawai Waqat, The News and Daily Express. Currently he is engaged with the Editorial page of Daily Express putting his pen acumen not only for the commentary on current affairs but also solution based analysis to the public sector executives as well as politicians.

Beside column writing his appearance on electronic media as analyst is very much regular and appreciated. He usually talks about the technicalities of democracy, good governance, terrorism, local government reforms and of course development & social issues.

He outperformed his fellow journalists through intensive research by penned down 6 hot selling books namely Pakistan Ma Naya Siyasi Nizam or Muqami Hakoomaton ka Kirdar, Muqami Hakoomatain or Ikhtiyarat ki Taqseem, Pakistan men Jamhoriyat kay Tazadat, Abdul Kareem Abid, Ek Shakhsiat Ek Ehd, Dehshat Gardi-Ek Fikri Mutaliya and Democracy and Local Government. Salman Abid teaches media studies in renowned Universities of Pakistan as well. He is inculcating skilled programs regarding communication, presentation, conflict management and advocacy & lobbing through his specialized Training Programs.

As an international broadcaster Salman Abid represents Pakistani scenario in Voice of America Urdu Service, BBC Urdu Service and Voice of Germany Urdu Service whereas through his writing as regular columnist in Daily Siasat India.

Development Practitioner:

Social advocacy, women empowerment, good governance projects, Policy & Legislative Reforms, democratic & voting education, human rights and social justice especially for those who belong to marginalized groups were major campaigns he carried out through his on-job services with SAHE, Aurat Foundation, SPO and many UN Projects. Besides such campaigns Salman Abid held responsible of monitoring & evaluation, report writing and Program Planning & Designing.
Salman Abid is also Executive Director of Institute for Democratic Education & Advocacy (IDEA) involves in peace and social harmony in society.

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