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Agha Ali Biography

Agha Ali آغا علیis a very famous actor in the audience, especially among girls. He is not only a hardworking actor but also a successful DJ and writer. Agha Ali Khan is born on 4 December 1985. He is not a young man but still looking very attractive and charming. Agha Ali age is 34 years old.
Agha Ali father belongs to also a showbiz industry. His father’s name is Agha Sikander and very famous in the 1980s. Agha Ali Khan forefathers emotionally attached to the Pakistani Showbiz industry. Agha Ali is a very talented actor. One day he came to the theatre to check out his talent but formally he started his career in 2006 with A-TV and hosted a very popular program Total Round-Up. He won the Best Anchor Award.
Agha Ali showed a keen interest in acting. Therefore, he appears in the drama Yaad Piya Ke Aye in 2005 and after that plays a role in the drama serial Satrangi in 2008. After that Agha Ali Khan gains a lot of success, purely only his hard work and talent.

Agha Ali age:

Agha Ali اداکار آغا علیKhan aged person but still looking very smart and attractive. A lot of searches made about Agha Ali Khan age. He is born on 4 December 1985. Agha Ali age is 34 years old.

Agha Ali height:

Not many actors have a dashing personality like Agha Ali Khan. He is not only a talented guy but also very handsome also. He is a taller guy. Agha Ali height is 5 feet and 10 inches 178 cm.

Agha Ali weight:

In recent months, Agha Ali Khan loses a lot of weight only because of shown keen interest in his health. He is going to the gym on a regular basis. Agha Ali 65 Kg (143.3 lbs)

Agha Ali marriage:

Agha Ali has a lot of success in the Pakistani showbiz industry. He is famous among the audience as well as the actress. Before his marriage, Agha Ali and Sarah Ali Khan very close together. Everybody excepted that Agha Ali will be married to Sarah Khan but suddenly Agha Ali breaks his relationship with Sarah Ali Khan.

A few months later Agha Ali is dating Hina Altaf. She also belongs to the showbiz industry and a successful actress. Now Agha Ali married Hina Altaf. Hina Altaf seems to be very happy and energetic after marriage with Agha Ali. Agha Ali shares some pictures of his marriage which seems to be very nice.

Agha Ali video:

Agha Ali biodata

Name: Agha Ali Abbas
Nick name: Agha Ali
Profession: VJ/Actor/Model
Date of birth: 4 December 1985
Age: 34 years
Nationality: Pakistani
Religion: Islam
Martial Status: married
Father name: Agha Sikander
Mother’s name: Not known
Place of birth: Karachi (Pakistan)
Brother name: Ali Sikander
Sister name: Not Known
Mother name: Not known
Cousin: Ali Abbas, Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi
Height: 5 feet and 10 inches
Weight: 65 Kg
Salary: 2 Lack per month
Phone No: Not available
Mobile No: Not available

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Agha Ali personal life:

Agha Ali Abbas is a renowned personality in the Pakistani Showbiz Industry. His family also attached to the showbiz industry. Agha Ali Khan father is a hardworking actor in the early ’80s. His name is Ali Sikander. Anti Saba Hameed gains a lot of success in the Pakistani Drama Industry. Agha Ali started his career in 2005 with the drama serial Yaad Piya Ke Aye. Now Agha Ali became the name of success only because of his hard work and devotion towards work.

Agha Ali Sara Ali Khan

Agha Ali Khan shown a lot of respect for his colleagues. That is the key to success in every field of life, respect the serious, respect the colleagues, and respect your profession. When Agha Ali Abbas started his career, he works with Sara Ali Khan in a lot of dramas. This couple became very famous among the audience and also the showbiz industry. With the passage of time. Agha Ali and Sara Ali emotionally attached to each other. Sara Ali Khan and Agha Ali showed a keen interest. They love each other and decided to get married soon. Agha Ali Khan and Sara Ali looking good and very happy. Sara Ali Khan told in many interviews that Agha Ali is a caring guy and gave me respect as a future wife. Agha Ali Khan also has the same feeling towards Sara Ali.
The life of Agha Ali and Sara Ali going smoothly but suddenly Agha Ali Abbas decided to leave Sara Ali. Agha Ali left Sara Ali Khan.

Agha Ali and Sara Ali break up, shocking news for the whole drama industry. Sara Ali is a very dejected but a brave lady. Now Agha Ali Khan no more attached to Sara Ali Khan. After a long time, Sara Ali speaks the truth to the audience in an interview that when Agha Ali break the relation, I was shocked but with the passage of time, my family consoles me and now I am a strong lady. She said that Agha Ali wants everything before marriage but I can not do this. Sara Ali Khan told that in my opinion, Agha Ali not interested in me but his eye is on my physical body. Agha Ali Khan wants my body not to love me. Therefore, I left Agha Ali. Now I am thanks full to my family and also my fans who supported me.
Sara Ali told that she will be married soon with the choice of parents. She further said that I can not work in films because in my view, in Bollywood or Lollywood, films are not made on the issues, only made for entertainment and physical relations. I can not show my body, therefore I do not like to work in films. I have a lot of offers but I can not sign. Sara Ali once again thanks to the audience who supported him in a bad period of her life.

Agha Ali statement/interview:

Actor Agha Ali is very active on social media and gave statement for the fans. A few days back, Agha Ali react to actor Yasir Hussain statement. Yasir Hussain shares which he indicates why Pakistani Companies higher foreigner actress for the advertisement. He further said Pakistani companies should promote our actors and actress.

Agha Ali comments Yasir Hussain post and said that is not a matter to higher foreigner actors for the advertisement. Actors do not belong to a specific country.

Agha Ali drama list:

Yaad Piya Ke Aye in 2005 Satrangi in 2008
Mujhe Hai Hukume-e-Azan also in 2008
Halki se Khalish (2013) Mein Hari Piya in 2013
Agar tum na Hote (2013) Ghundi in 2013
Mere Meherban (2014) Baiman Mohabbat (2014)
Noori (2014)
Mamta (2015) Kis se Kahoon (2015)
Ghalti (2016)
Andaaz-e-Sitam (2017) Be Inteha (2017)
Mere Bewafa (2018) Band Khirkiya (2018)
Dil-e-Gumshuda (2019)

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