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Aiman Khan biography:

Aiman Khan is a shiny star of the Pakistani Show Biz Industry especially Urdu Dramas. Aiman Khan is a talented actress. She was born on 20th November 1998. Aiman Khan started her career in drama (Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein) in 2012. People like her character and after this Aiman Khan bust in Urdu drama. With the passage of time, She became a superstar of the Pakistan showbiz industry. Now she is the highest-paid actress in Pakistan.

Aiman Khan Age:

Girls are very keen about her age, especially actress. What is the Aiman Khan age? Many sites gave wrong information about the Aiman Khan age. We tell you the exact and accurate age of Aiman Khan. Aiman Khan was born on 20 November 1998. Aiman Khan is 21 Years old young, energetic,and good looking girl.

Aiman Khan education:

Aiman Khan family background is moderate. Her father is a police officer. Aiman Khan has one sister. She also works in dramas, her name is Minal Khan. Minal Khan is also a very attractive and talented actress. Aiman Khan passed her matriculation exam from Karachi and did not carry her education because of her talent that she has shown. At an early age, She picked for acting. Aiman Khan proved herself an energetic actress and in his early career, she proved correct.

Aiman Khan awards:

Aiman Khan nominated 7th Hum Awards for Best Actress/Best On-Screen couple along with Junaid Khan for the drama Ishq Tamasha.

Aiman Khan also nominated 7th Hum Awards for Best Actress/Best On-screen couple along with Muneeb Butt for the drama Baandi.

Aiman Khan personal life:

Aiman Khan born on 20 November 1998 (along with her twin sister Minal Khan). Her father is a police officer and serving in Sindh Police. Aiman Khan father name is Mubeen Khan and his mother is a housewife and her name is Uzma Khan. Aiman Khan has one sister, Minal Khan. She is also in the field of the Showbiz industry. Her sister Minal Khan a very successful actress and model. Aiman Khan blessed with three brothers.

Aiman Khan married Muneeb Butt in Karachi on 21 November 2018. Her husband Muneeb Butt is also an actor and model and got success in a shorter period of time. Aiman Khan performed their first Umrah with her husband during Ramadan in 2019. She blessed with a daughter in 2019. Aiman Khan daughter name is Amal Muneeb. On April 26,  2020, Aiman Khan became the first Pakistani Celebrity on Instagram with 6.6 M followers.

Aiman Khan daughter:

Aiman Khan is pleased because God bless him as a baby girl. Aiman khan husband Muneeb Butt shares this news with fans. Muneeb Butt said that I can not explain my feelings. God gave a lovely girl, Amal Muneeb.

Aiman Khan sister Minal Khan seems to be very happy and said, Welcome our little princess Amal Muneeb.

Aiman Khan daughter video:

Aiman Khan Facebook

Aiman Khan is very active on social media. She spends a lot of time when she feels free. Aiman Khan facebook address is given below:-

Aiman Khan facebook address

Aiman Khan Twitter:

Showbiz celebrities using social media on regular basis, Aiman Khan is one of them. She has a lot of followers on twitter. Aiman Khan twitter address is:

Aiman Khan twitter address:

Aiman Khan Instagram:

Aiman Khan has the honour to become the t Pakistani Celebrity on Instagram who has 6.6 M followers. She is very happy and thanks to their followers. Aiman Khan Instagram address is:

Aiman Khan Instagram address:

Aiman Khan daughter pics:

Aiman Khan daughter video:

Aiman Khan biodata/wikipedia:

Name: Aiman Khanاداکارہ ایمن خان
profession: Actress/Model
Date of birth: 20 November 1998
Place of birth: Karachi
Age: 21 years old
Hometown: Karachi

Nationality: Pakistan
Religion: Islam

Father’s Name: Mubeen Khan

Mother’s name: Uzma Khan

Sister’s name: Minal Khan

Height: 5 feet 5 inch (165 CM)
Weight: 55 KG (120 Pound)
Waist: 27 inch
Hip: 35

Hair colour: Black

Eyes colour: Black

Aiman Khan engagement:

When Aiman Khan started her career as an actress, She has the right choice like Muneeb Butt. Muneeb Butt is also a TV actor. Both of them come close together soon and engaged with each other in January 2017. Social Media discussed that engagement also because Aiman Khan has a popular personality of Social Media.

Aiman Khan brother name:

Aiman Khan has three young brothers and one sister Minal Khan. She is looking very happy with her brother. Aiman Khan brother’s pics share for the audience’s interest.

Aiman Khan father death:

Famous showbiz stars Aiman Khan and Minal Khan father Mubeen Khan died on Thursday. Aiman Khan father suffering major health issues.

Actor Muneeb Butt, the husband of Aiman Khan, posted a story on Instagram and said that Aiman and Minal Khan father Mubeen Khan has passed away. He said that the announcement regarding funeral prayers of Mubeen Khan and burial will be made soon.

On 19th December, Minal Khan shares news about her father Mubeen Khan Health issues.

Pakistani actress Aiman Khan emotionally attached with her father Mubeen Khan. Remember that Aiman Khan and Minal Khan twins sisters. They love their father Mubeen Khan whole heartedly. Aiman Khan shares a story on Instagram and said that my beloved father Mubeen Khan has passed away. He was a strong man. Remember him in your prayers.

Aiman Khan shared a photo of her father Mubeen Khan and wrote You will live forever in my heart. I loved you and I love you.

Aiman Khan Marriage:

Now Aiman Khan not a single lady. She married Muneeb Butt in last year in December 2018. Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are pleased and spending time together in a romantic way. They performed Umra in the Holy month of Ramadan in 2019.

Aiman Khan wedding pictures are sharing for viewers.

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Aiman Khan Dramas List:

Mohabbat Jay Bhar Mein (2012) Meri Betti in 2013.

Mann ky moti (2013) Behaad in 2013.

Joru Ka Ghulam (2014) Digest Writer in 2014.

Bay Qasoor in 2015 Khatoon Manzil (2015)

Gogally Mohalla (2015) Mann Mayal also in 2015.

Khawab Sahray 2016 Iss Khmoshi ka matlab (2016)

Yeh Ishq hy in 2017. Khalli Hath also in 2017.

Ishq Tamasha (2018) Bay Dardi also in 2018.

Ishq Tamasha in . Bandi. Abgeenay

Aiman Khan Career:

As we discussed earlier, Aiman Khan has a brilliant talent that she proved in her every single drama. Aiman Khan faces beauty is look like natural. Every time you saw the Aiman Khan, she looks very attractive and charming. After her marriage with Muneeb Butt, She looks more beautiful and charming than ever. Aiman Khan first appearance in TV Screen was in 2013. Her first drama is Meri Beeti. Everybody who saw the drama, appreciated Aiman Khan acting. Aiman Khan proved himself that She has the capacity to do everything and she proved it also. Aiman Khan fans pray that she goes long and achieve many more because she is very talented actresses. We also pray for her success in future life.

Aiman Khan mother name:

Aiman Khan does not have a long family background. She is only one sister whose name is Minal Khan. Aiman Khan mother name is Uzma Khan.

Aiman Khan appearance as a Guest in TV Shows:

Mazaq Raat in 2017.

Jago Pakistan Jago also in 2017.

The after Moon Show in 2018.

Interesting facts about Aiman Khan:

Does Aiman Khan have the habit of drinking? No

Does Aiman Khan keen to use drugs? No

Aiman Khan’s sister’s name? Minal Khan. She is also an actress and very close to Aiman Khan.

Does Aiman Khan some bad habits? No

Does Aiman Khan very close to Muneeb Butt? Yes

Does Aiman Khan good actress: yes

Aiman khan pics:


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