Ayeza Khan Biography:

Ayeza Khan (عائزہ خان) is one of the most talented actresses in Pakistani Showbiz Industry. She has a different and unique style of acting, therefore, she is famous among the audience and got popularity within no time. She was born on 15th January 1991 in Karachi. Ayeza Khan real name is Kinza Khan. She has the habit of modeling and appears in so many TV commercials. She is included in the top Pakistani actresses.

Ayeza Khan personal Life:-

Ayeza Khan not having a rich family background. She has only two sisters. Aiza Khan sister name is Waif Khan and Hiba Khan. She is established with the name of Ayeza Khan in Showbiz Industry but her real name is Kinza Khan. When she is at the peak of her career, she got married to Danish Taimoor in August 2014. He is also an actor and well known in Drama Industry. They have two babies, one of them a boy and the other one girl.

Ayeza Khan age:

Ayeza Khan عائزہ خان is not only a good looking actress but also having a dashing and attractive personality. Therefore fans have shown a keen interest in Ayeza Khan. They made a lot of searches about her Ayeza Khan height, Ayeza Khan weight, the real age of Ayeza Khan.

As we said earlier, Ayeza Khan is a hardworking actress. She became the superstar within no time. She gains this position only because of her pure work and devotion towards her work but she maintains herself very well. Whenever you see, she looks very fresh and energetic. Thousands of searches made about Ayeza Khan real age, the real age of Ayeza Khan. She was born on 15 January 1991 in Karachi, the capital city of Sindh. according to her date of birth, Aiza Khan age is 28 years.

Ayeza Khan height:

Ayeza Khan (عائزہ خان) maintains a good figure only because of her pay attention to her body. She spends a lot of time in the gym, dieting, and some hard exercises. Therefore she will be successful in her effort. As we said earlier a lot of searches made about Ayeza Khan height, Ayeza Khan weight, Ayeza Khan height in feet. We told you with an authority her real height. Ayeza Khan height is 5 feet and 4 inches (1.62 cm).

Ayeza Khan weight:

Ayeza Khan very conscious about her weight. She became fatty last few months but she recovers well. Ayeza Khan lost weight very quickly to use some diet programs and some exercises. Now she became fit and healthy only because of losing weight. Ayeza Khan Weight is 58 Kg (128 pounds).

Ayeza Khan Father Name:

Ayeza Khan father is a nice guy. He gave every opportunity to her daughter to grow. Ayeza Khan respects her parents with heart. She has shown a lot of respect during her interviews. Ayeza Khan father name is Riaz Yilmaz.

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor wedding:-

Ayeza Khan devoted and hard-working actress. She became the real name of the showbiz industry, especially the drama industry. At the peak of her career, Ayeza Khan has affection with Danish Taimoor. They got married and spending a good happy life.

Ayeza Khan sister name:

Ayeza Khan not having a large family. She has only one sister. Ayeza Khan sister name is Hiba Khan. Recently Ayeza Khan introduce her sister Hiba Khan in showbiz industry. Ayeza Khan and Hiba Khan does a photo shoot. Fans like Hiba Khan photo shoot.

Hiba Khan now joins the Pakistani showbiz industry with her great photoshoot. Some pics of Ayeza Khan and Hiba Khan are published for the interest of fans.

Ayeza Khan Awards:

Ayeza Khan won Lux Style Award for No.1 actress.

Ayeza Khan Facebook

Ayeza Khan Twitter:

Ayeza Khan Instagram:

Ayeza Khan Real Name:

As you know related to showbiz industries, everybody has a nickname. Fans really excited about the real name of her celebrity. Ayeza Khan also has a real name. Ayeza Khan real name is Kinza Khan.


Ayeza Khan son name:

Ayeza Khan marriage with Taimoor Khan, who is also a showbiz star and well established in the industry. Ayeza Khan marriage with Danish Taimoor on 8 August 2014. By the grace of God, Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor blessed with two children. Ayeza Khan younger daughter name is Hoorain Taimoor. After Hoorain Taimoor she blessed with a son. He is very cute and beautiful. Ayeza Khan son name is Muhammad Rayan Taimoor. Ayeza Khan shares some pics of Rayan Taimoor.

Mere Pass tum ho ost:

Ayeza Khan is one of the busiest actresses of Pakistani Drama Industry. Her husband Danish Taimoor. Aiza Khan working in a drama serial mere pass tum ho ost, which is the most popular drama in the area. However, Ayeza Khan participated in a negative role in the drama of mere pass tum ho ost but she is very famous among the audience especially her acting. Fan like Aiza Khan character and hope that Ayeza Khan does these types of roles in her future dramas.

Ayeza Khan Career:

Ayeza Khan started her TV career at the age of eighteen years old. Her first Drama is Tum Jo Miley from HUM TV and the role is supporting but she is a determined actress and shows her talent in the drama. After that Ayeza Khan never looks back and go forward and gain success in the showbiz industry. Tootey Huvey Per drama is the lucky one for Ayeza Khan, that was the production of GEO TV, she participated as a mainstream means leading actress in this drama. Ayeza Khan now becomes the top Pakistani actress.

Ayeza Khan biodata/wiki

Real Name: Kinza Khan

Nickname: Ayeza Khan

Profession: Actress / Model

Date of birth: 15th January 1991

Age: 29 years

Martial status: Married with Danish Taimoor

children: 2

Mother name: Not available

Father name: Riaz Yilmaz

Sister name: Hiba Khan

Brother name: wasif Khan and Arham Khan


Weight: 58 KG (128 pounds)

Height: 5feet 4 inch (1.62cm)

Eye colours: Brown

Hair colour: Black

Figure measurement; 30,28,32

Place of birth: Karachi

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Education: Graduate

Debut: Drama Tum Jo Miley in 20019 from HUM TV production.

Ayeza Khan drama list:

Tum Jo Miley —–2009. Pul Sirat …………..2009

Sandal……………..2009. Larkyian Mohally Ke…2010

Tottey Houvy Per……2011. Kala Jadou…..2011

Shaadi Mubarik……2012. Mera Saaein……2012.

Meri Zandgi Hy Tou……2012. Aks……2012.

Saari Bhool Humari Thee…..2013. Adhoori Aurat….2013

Pyarey Afzal……2013. Extras: The Mango People….2013

Do Qadam Dour Thei……2014. Jab We Wed…….2014

Bikhra Mera Naseeb…….2014. Mera Meherbaan…..2014.

Tum Kon Piya……….2016. Sehernaz……….2016.

Mohabbat Tum Say Nifrat Hy….2017.

Toh Dil Ka Kya Houva……….2017.

Koi Chand Rakh……2018.

Yaarian…….2019. Mery Pass Tum Ho……2019.

Ayeza Khan Tele Films:-

Kitni Ghar Baqi Hain……………2011.

Main Kukoo aur woo………..2014.

Teri Meri Love Story……….2016.

Interesting facts about Ayeza Khan:-

Ayeza Khan is busy in her showbiz life but also she handles her marital life very well. She described her daily life routine. Ayeza Khan said that Now I am busy in drama Meray Pass Tum Ho and Thora Sa Haq besides that I have to look after my family. Ayeza Khan said that I get up 7 in the morning. Send my daughter Hoorain Taimoor to school. After that, I busy with my son Rayan Taimoor. Prepare Rayan Taimoor to drop on my motherhouse. Sometimes I request my mother to come to my house to care for the Rayan Taimoor.

Ayeza Khan further told me that my husband Danish Taimoor likes to eat house food. I also prepare lunch for my husband. When all the work is done I went to my drama shoutings. I am very busy especially in 2019 but I appreciate my fans and audience who gave me love and respect.

Does Ayeza Khan drunk? No

Does Ayeaz Khan smoke? No

Does Ayeaz Khan hesitate in bold scenes? No

Does Ayeaz Khan faith on others? occasional.

Does Ayeaz Khan bad habits? yes

Does Ayeaz Khan start modeling before the acting? yes

Does Ayeaz Khan close relations with family? yes

Does Ayeaz Khan active in social media? yes

Does Ayeaz Khan children? yes, two of them.

Does Ayeaz Khan overconfidence? yes

Does Ayeaz Khan hard worker actress? yes

Does Ayeaz Khan very attractive and beautiful? yes
Does Ayeaz Khan Tele Films? yes

Does Ayeaz Khan include a top Pakistani actress? yes

Ayeza Khan viral pics:

Ayeza Khan is very active on social media especially lockdown days. She shares some pics for the interest of fans. A few days back, Ayeza Khan shares a picture in which she wears a black colour kurta and with black colour pajama. She looks pretty and attractive in this particular dress. Fans like her pics and gave so many positive comments.

Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan very popular on social media AAP. Twitter. She achieves a milestone. Ayeza Khan has 7.8 million followers on Twitter. On the other hand, Pakistani showbiz actress Aiman Khan has also 7.8 million followers on Twitter.

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