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Umer Illyas Biography:

The whole world is worried about spreading Islam especially European countries. They are in desperate and adopt every way to prevent Islam but they can not do it. A few days back, some people gathered in Norway against the Muslim community. People of the rally shown their annoyed and pain about Islam. Usually, the people of  Norway are peaceful but some elements of Islam enmity also there.

The rally was organized in Christian Sand, the city of Norway. So many hate full speech against Islam made this rally but at the end of the Rally, a man tries to burn the Holy Quran. Allah said many times in the Holy Quran that I am the defender of the Holy Quran. So Allah sends a young man, who beat the man bitterly and save the Holy Quran.

That news is spreading all around the world within no time. Whole Muslim community appreciates the effort of a young man. Defender of the Quran gave the name to Youngman. Everybody has shown a keen interest to know about Norway Youngman. A lot of search made about who is the defender of quran.

The defender of the Quran called Umer Illyas. Some people gave him the title of defender of Quran. He got famous with the name of Umer Illyas, Illyas Norway, Ilyas Dhaba Norway. Almost two or three days, people are confused about knowing the defender of Quran is a real name.

After a lot of searches, we told you the real name of the defender of Islam. The defender of Quran. The real name is Qusai Rashed. He is born in Philistine. His date of birth is 11 January 1996. According to his date of birth, Qusai Rashed age is 23 years. As you know Philistine has to face war so many years. As a result of this, Philistine conditions are not good to live in. Qusai Rashed family migrated to Syria and settle in Damishq. Qusai Rashed continues his study but as the result of the war in Syria, Qusai Rashed has to left Syria and went to Norway.

Now Qusai Rashed got an education in Norway and his family is living Damishq. When that particular incident happened, Qusai Rashed was emotional and God gave him the opportunity to defend the Quran and defend Islam. Qusai Rashed now became of defender of Islam and defender of Quran.

The real name of the Muslim boy is Qusai Rashed, not Umer Illyas, Ilyas  Dhaaba, Illyas Norway. Qusai Rashed becomes the real hero of Islam only because of defending of Quran and defending Islam. Qusai Rashed got the title defender of Quran and defender of Islam.

qusai rashed wiki/biodata:

Name: qusai rashed

Father name: Not available

Mother name: Not available

Date of Birth: 11 January 1996

Age: 23 year

Place of birth: Philistine

Marital status: Single

Hometown: Philistine

Nationality: Philistine

Settle in: Norway

Height: Not available

Weight: Not Available

eye colours: Black

Hair colours: Black

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