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ISLAMABAD (Top News Urdu)  The Directorate General of Movement and Identifications (DGI&P) in Pakistan has as of late presented an electronic visa (E-identification) administration for its residents. The E-visa, a profoundly protected travel report, consolidates an electronic chip implanted in one of its pages.

This chip stores biometric subtleties of the holder, individual information from the visa’s information page, an extraordinary ID number, and a computerized signature.

Candidates face defers in getting identifications regardless of paying critical expenses. Intended to consent to the Unified Countries’ Worldwide Common Flight Association (ICAO) norms, these E-travel papers highlight a contactless chip empowering electronic perusing.

Standard charge for another E-visa with 36 pages and a five-year legitimacy is set at Rs9,000. For a similar visa however with a ten-year legitimacy, the expense is Rs13,000. The 72-page E-identification, legitimate for a considerable length of time, is valued at Rs15,000, and for a ten-year legitimacy, the charge ascends to Rs24,000.This expense structure is steady across all territories in Pakistan.

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