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Hasan Ali Biography

Hasan Ali is the shiny star of the Pakistan cricket team. He was born on 2 July 1994 in Mandi Bahauddin. Hasan Ali played his first-class match fro Sialkot in October 2013. He made his one day debut in August 2016. Hassan Ali unique style soon he picked for ICC Champions Trophy in 2017 and performed well in the tournament. Hasan Ali became the quickest bowler for Pakistan to get 50 wickets.

Hasan Ali family:

Hasan Ali belongs to a middle-class family but after his hard work now, he gets popularity and wealth. Hassan Ali father’s name is Abdul Aziz. He said often about his father, Abdul Aziz, I inspired my father and he the ideal. Hasan Ali mentioned that Ata-ur-Rehman guide me about cricket and he is the mentor for me.

Hasan Ali Marriage Video:

Hasan Ali age:

Hasan Ali now part and parcel of a Pakistani Cricket team. Fans are keen to know about Hasan Ali especially Hasan Ali family, Hasan Ali age. Hasan Ali born on 2 July 1994. According to his date of birth, Hasan Ali age 25 years.

Hasan Ali Height:

Hasan Ali is a taller and smart guy of the Pakistani Cricket team. He is the shiny star. Hasan Ali height is 5 feet 9 inches (1.74 m).

Hasan Ali marriage:

Hasan Ali can not perform well in the recent world cup 2019 but he does well in the field of love. He met an Indian girl whose name is Samia Arzoo Khan. After some meetings, Hasan Ali decided to get marriage Samia Arzoo Khan. She is settled in UAE, where she is doing a job in the field of engineering. Samia Arzoo basically belongs to India. Her forefather living in the state of Haryana.

When Hasan Ali and Samia Arzoo engage together, news surrounding in the media but Hasan Ali denied that the reality is nothing only rumors. But after some time Hasan Ali accepts that he marriage with Samia Arzoo.

Hasan Ali’s marriage took place in Dubai on 20 August 2019. Hasan Ali close relatives invited the marriage ceremony. Fans and relatives of Hasan Ali and Samia Arzoo wish to get success in their future lives. Hasan Ali is keen to not show the marriage pics on media but some pictures of Hasan Ali marriage viral. Some of the Hasan Ali wedding pics share for the viewers.

Hasan Ali wedding pics:

Some interesting fact about Hasan Ali:

Does Hasan Ali have the habit of fluttering? No

Does Hasan Ali like smoking? No

Does Hasan Ali trustworthy? yes

Does Hasan Ali purpose Samia Arzoo Khan? yes

Does Hasan Ali marriage with Samia Arzoo Khan? yes

Does Hasan Ali and Samia Arzoo meet first time in Dubai? yes

Does Samia Arzoo Khan is an Indian citizen? yes. but she is settled in UAE and doing a job in private airlines.

Does Hasan Ali backbone of the Pakistan Cricket team? yes

Does Hasan Ali aggressive fast bowler? yes

Does Hasan Ali good hitter? yes

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