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How to Check Du Number and Sim Owner Details?

New Du subscribers frequently have queries like ‘’how to test du quantity’’ and ‘’ how to check du quantity owner’’. These are simple tactics that all and sundry can perform in seconds with the aid of dialing a code. We are going to give an explanation for those techniques in a easy manner.

AS Du is the second biggest telecom company in UAE, it has millions of submit-paid and pre-paid users. Therefore, sim ownership queries are commonplace. So let’s recognize the simple solutions on your queries right here.

How to Check Du Number?

You can check your Du number by four easy methods.


Open your dial pad and dial sim number code *116#. Now wait for a few seconds, your sim number will be appearing on your screen automatically. This is a free method; it means no balance is required to check Du SIM number. Take the screenshot and save your number to use in the future.

Du Sim Number Code: *116# *116#


If your sim has a few balance, you can ship an SMS or make a missed name to some other range. Your quantity may be proven on that cell cellphone. In this way, you could take a look at Du number easily and rapidly. However, if your sim is out of balance, you can opt for the first technique.


Du helpline is also available for your help. You can ask your Du sim number by calling on ‘’DU helpline number 0097143905555’’.

Du Helpline Number: 0097143905555 0097143905555

Method4 for checking Du number

You can also find the sim number by calling on ”155”. Select option 1 after selecting language and hear your sim number.

Friends, you don’t need to visit the Du franchise for this purpose. Select one of the above-stated methods and check Du sim number on your mobile phone.

How to Check Du Number Owner?

If you have a query ”how to check Du number owner”, you have two options for completing this task. Both procedures are given below.


Du Number Owner Code: 155 155
  • Click on this link and enter mobile number to check it’s ownership.This is free sim tracker.
  • Make call on 155, select your language and then option 1 for sim assistance. In reply you may know the Du sim owner with other details.

Things to Be Remember

  • The easiest way to check Du sim name and ownership is by calling 155.
  • Help line provides the facility to know the Du Sim Owner, registered address and also location.
  • These methods are valid only for the active sim, inactive sim might not work.
  • Du have the right to change the service codes any time. So in case of any error, you should check the company website.
  • You can use these methods only in UAE. There must be coverage issue outside the Emirates.




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