how to check sim number through cnic online

How many SIMs may be registered in opposition to one CNIC?

Online check SIM number through CNIC

It is critical to apprehend first that there is a restrict to the range of SIMs you may get against their CNIC. As consistent with the regulations set by way of PTA, an individual may have a maximum of five SIM playing cards issued of their name at a time.

If you have already got five SIM cards registered along with your CNIC and you want to get every other one, you have to first block the SIM card not in use to hold the consistency of a maximum of 5 SIMs.

How to check the wide variety of active SIMs issued towards your CNIC?

If you are not aware of the energetic SIM playing cards issued towards your CNIC, it’s far crucial that you get that records as quickly as possible.

There are two easy approaches you may try this:

Through Website:

To check the range of SIM playing cards issued and lively towards your call, go to the PTA SIM Information Website.

The link will open a website in an effort to ask you to enter your statistics.

Enter your CNIC variety inside the given subject.

Verify that you are not a robot by using checking the container and press ‘Submit’.

You might be proven a list of the registered SIMs against that specific CNIC in a tabular shape.

The wide variety of SIMs will be categorised operator-wise, and the table may also inform you the entire variety of SIMs you have got registered in opposition to your CNIC.

Through SMS:

To find out the quantity of SIMs registered in opposition to your CNIC via SMS, here’s a short manual:

Open the text message application for your cellphone.

Type in your CNIC variety with none hyphens.

Once completed, send this message to 668.

You will quickly receive a respond thru text message displaying you the full number of energetic SIM cards against each operator issued to your CNIC.

Please observe that you’ll be charged PKR 2 + tax for each SMS that you send to 668.

If you find out that the number of SIMs issued towards your CNIC is extra than the current variety of SIM playing cards you’re using, you must contact the Customer Service Centre of the respective Company Operator.

What is SIM Cloning and why need to you be aware about it?

The procedure where a SIM card is duplicated with the aid of moving the cloned SIM’s figuring out information to any other SIM card is referred to as SIM cloning. Once completed, the separate SIM card can be used by some other man or woman on a distinctive cellular telephone while having all the information plus the fees attributed to the original SIM card.

SIM cloning is a commonplace method utilized by many criminals to pursue illegal sports and make calls associated with them the use of a person else’s identity. If a person receives a name from your wide variety which you didn’t make, call the relevant mobile organization directly and document a grievance to block the illegally practical SIM card.

PTA Biometric Verification System:

The PTA Biometric Verification System, or BVS for short, is a first-rate step with the aid of PTA to monitor the protection of cell subscribers and put an give up to the illegal use of cellular phone connections. Through this system you can effortlessly:

Obtain a replica SIM

Activate or purchase a new SIM card

Change the ownership of a SIM card formerly registered underneath a person else’s CNIC

Re-confirm your SIM card

Solve troubles regarding cell number portability

How to get your SIM card’s biometric verification?

To ensure that your registered SIM card does not get blocked, you’ll should affirm in case you are using a SIM that PTA acknowledges. To get a biometric verified SIM, you need to first test if the SIM card is registered to your call or no longer.

How to check the call of the SIM owner?

To discover the name of the SIM owner, you must follow those clean steps:

Open the text message application from your smartphone.

Send a clean message to 667.

You will quickly get hold of a respond textual content message that suggests the call of the SIM owner that the message has been sent from.

How to block a SIM card registered towards your CNIC?

If you need to do away with any cellular SIM which you do no longer use, it is better to get it blocked so you are now not responsible for that variety towards your CNIC. To do so, right here’s what you have to do:

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