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Imran Ashraf Awan was born in Peshawar. His date of birth is 11th September, 1989 near about 30 years old young man. Imran Ashraf started his career as a actor in 2011. Imran Ashraf Awan is a excellent actor and delivered lot of his dramas as Alif Allah aur insaan, Dil mom ka diya, Tabeer, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and many more to come on behalf of Imran Ashraf.

Imran Ashraf Awan marriage with her co-star Kiran Ashfaq. Now she is Kiran Ashraf. Imran Ashraf spending a happy marriage life with her wife Kiran.

Imran Ashraf has lot of success in his career. Banndi, Gul e Rana, Dulla mil gya, Dil Lagi, Alif Allah aur insaan, Dil mom ka diya, Tabeer, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi one of the hits drama on behalf of Imran Ashraf.

Imran Ashraf age:

Imran Ashraf Awan is a theft by age. He is look like a young man but actually Imran Ashraf Awan not a young man. His physic is very healthy and full of energy. He born in 11 September, 1989. Imran Ashraf Awan age is 30 years. As I said earlier, he look like a young man.

Imran Ashraf has lot of talent and he show it with his performance. Imran Ashraf wife is also an actress and this couple is giving lot of hit drama for audience in future.

Imran Ashraf look very attractive and charming. Viewers are very keen to know Imran Ashraf age. Lot of searches made about Imran Ashraf age. We observed that many site gave Imran Ashraf wrong age, even place of birth also. We told you correct date of birth and age of Imran Ashraf. Imran Ashraf age is 30 years but he is looking young and energetic.

Imran Ashraf bio data:

Name: Imran Ashraf
Occuption: Actor/Model
Date of birth: 11 September, 1989
Place of birth: Peshawar
age: 30 years

caste: Awan
Nationality: Pakistani
Religion: Islam
Martial status: Married

children: One children
Wife name: Kiran Imran
Height: 5 feet 8 inch (173 cm)
weight: 78 KG
waist: 32 inch
eyes colour: black
Hair colour: black

Imran Ashraf wife:

Imran Ashraf got married 18 July 2018. He looks very nice and relax with his wife. Imran Ashraf Awan wife name is is Kiran Ashfaq. Kiran Ashfaq also very beautiful and charming. Imran Ashraf told on the occasion of his marriage that I am so happy. I can not have the words to describe it.

Imran Ashraf awards:

Imran Ashraf acting like a real star. He nominated so many awards and won few of them but Imran Ashraf future is very bright and many awards has won in his upcoming life.

Got Viewers choice award in 2016.

Nominated for International Pakistan Prestige Award 2017.

Nominated for Hum Awards 2017.

Imran Ashraf son:

Imran Ashraf married with Kiran Ashfaq in 2018. They are so caring couple with each other. God blessed them with the son. Imran Ashraf son name is Roham Ashraf. Roham Ashraf is pretty good looking baby and also naughty. Imran Ashraf shared some pic of Roham Ashraf on his arrival in the world. We share Imran Ashraf son pics for the viewers.

Imran Ashraf brother:

Imran Ashraf is very talented actor. He became famous within no time. Imran Ashraf has a brother, which is also in the same profession. Imran Ashraf brother’s name is Abbas Ashraf. Imran Ashraf has lot of respect Abbas Ashraf. Both guys very handsome and well organized.

Imran Ashraf facebook:

Viewers has shown keen interest about Imran Ashraf. Lot of them search on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We provide you the exact and correct address of Imran Ashraf Facebook, Twitter and Instagram addresses:

Imran Ashraf Instagram:

Imran Ashraf twitter:

Imran Ashraf as a script writer:

Imran Ashraf has shown keen interest in the script writing. He wrote script for the drama serial Tabeer.

Imran Ashraf Pics:

About Imran Ashraf Awan Acting:

Imran Ashraf told about his acting that I got training for acting but you can say that I had not got education about acting. I saw my seniors on sets and got lot of experience from them. I learn from my colleagues. Imran Ashraf told that I have lot of respect of my seniors and colleagues because of this habit, they were show lot of trust on me and gave lot of advice and tips about acting.

Interesting facts about Imran Ashraf:

Does Imran Ashraf has the habit of smoking? No

Does Imran Ashraf prefer to drinking? No

Does Imran Ashraf talented and good looking guy? Yes

Does Imran Ashraf married? yes

Imran Ashraf wife name? Kiran Ashfaq. Now Imran Ashraf’s wife married and became Kiran Ashraf.

Does Imran Ashraf love and affection with his wife? Yes

Does Imran Ashraf has children? Yes, God bless him with a son. Imran Ashraf son name is Roham Ashraf.

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  1. Hi imran i am sadaf from Pakistan its been 7 years of my divorce. I am living with my old widow mom . I heard about your kindness as ive a son and two disable girls. We dont have any source of earning. Dad died when i was of 4 years.have no sibling. I am sick my right kidney has been collapsed. I want to survive for my kids. I need aome immediate financial help. Waiting for a positive response.

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