Mahira Khan Biography:

Mahira Khan اداکارہ ماہرہ خانis a very famous and popular actress not only in Pakistan but also across the border, especially in India. Her complete name is Mahira Hafeez Khan. She was born in Karachi on 21 December 1984. Mahira Khan knows No.1 actress of Pakistan without any doubt. She is a very hard worker, devoted and talented actress. Not many people know that Mahira Khan started her career as a VJ from MTV show The Most Wanted. In 2012, Actress Mahira Khan selected the most beautiful woman in Pakistan.

Mahira Khan corona test positive:

Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan said that I have tested positive for Covid-19. I am isolating and have informed all those who were in close contact with me over the last few days.

Mahira Khan in her Instagram post further said that It has been rough but I will be ok soon, Insha-Allah. Love Mahira Khan, she said followed by heart emoticons.

Mahira Khan education:
آئمہ بیگ، شہباز شگری کے حواس پر چھا گئی

Mahira Khan born in Karachi in Hafeez Khan home. her father is Urdu speaking Pathans, who migrate from Delhi during the Tahreek-e- Azadi of Pakistan. Mahira Khan started her education from Foundation Public School Karachi where he gets O-levels at the age of sixteen (16). After that, she went to America for higher education. She admitted to Santa Monica College, Los Angeles. When he completed her education, she went back to Pakistan in 2008. During her education, she did a job as a cashier in a departmental store.

Mahira Khan love:

A few days back, Mahira Khan gave indicate that she falls in love but did not tell the name of her lover. After that, fans are very keen to know about Mahira Khan lover and life partner. Now Mahira Khan admits that She is very happy because God accepts her virtue and gave him Salim Karim. I am very glad to tell the fans that I will be married to Salim Karim in the upcoming life.

On the other hand, Mahira Khan shares a post her new life partner Salim Karim. Mahira Khan lover Salim Karim also seems to be over the moon about her relation with Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan statement:

I am a lazy girl but full attention towards her work, Said Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan said that I like Egg Partha and Dal Chawal very much. My manager said that I am a lazy girl but when you (Mahira Khan) go on work, then you fully concentrate and do your job with full attention.

Mahira Khan Salim Karim pics:

Mahira Khan age:

Mahira Khan No.1 actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Viewers are keen to know Mahira Khan age. A Lot of websites given Mahira Khan the wrong date of birth and age. People are confused about Mahira Khan age. We tell you the correct age. Mahira Khan age 35 years old. ( Mahira Khan age 35 years old on 21 December 2019)

Mahira Khan husband:

Mahira Khan husband name is Ali Askari. She met Ali Askari in 2006, Los Angeles but sources say that Mahira Khan and Askari met in a media house. They understand each other very well and decided to get married. Mahira Khan wedding ceremony is a simple one and in a traditional Islamic way. Mahira Khan married Ali Askari in 2007. They are spending their lives and God blessed them with the son. His name is Azain but unfortunately, marriage can not go long and Mahira Khan husband Ali Askari left him with a sad way of divorce in 2015.

mahira khan husband pictures

Mahira Khan son:

Mahira Khan and Ali Askari spending life with a lot of joy. With the passage of time, God blessed Mahira Khan with a son. Mahira Khan’s son name is Azlan Askari. After the divorce of Ali Askari, Azlan stays with her mother.

Mahira Khan family:

Mahira Khan father’s name is Hafeez Khan. Mahira Khan is very close to her younger brother, who is a working journalist. His name is Hassaan Khan. Her father belongs to the Urdu-speaking Pashtun family. She married Ali Askari in 2007. She has one son Azain Askari.

Mahira Khan brother:

Mahira Khan belongs to Karachi. Her brother is a working journalist. Mahira Khan brother name is Hassan Khan. Her father migrates from India and after Tahreek-eAzadi, they settled in Pakistan. Mahira Khan’s father’s Hafeez Khan prefers to live in Karachi.

Mahira Khan father name:

As we said earlier, Mahria Khan lives in Karachi with her family. Mahira Khan father name is Hafeez Khan.

Ali Askari Mahira husband:

Ali Askari and Mahira Khan met in America. Ali Askari attached to the entertainment industry of America. He is the former head of MTV. Ali Askari marriage with Mahira Khan in 2007. They spend a happy life but unfortunately, Ali Askari and Mahira Khan give up in the shape of divorce in 2015. Ali Askari again became the groom. Ali Askari second wife name is Zara Dadabhoy. He is enjoying his life with Zara.

Mahira Khan debut in Indian Film Industry:

Mahira Khan started her career in the Indian film industry in 2017. The first film was Raees with superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Mahira Khan told me about this particular film that When she selected to work Shah Rukh Khan, I am very nervous because That is a great opportunity to work Shah Rukh Khan. With the passage of time, Shah Rukh Khan gave confidence and I am very thankful Shah Rukh Khan favor. After that, I am a confident actress and work with a lot of ease. That’s why my work in the film is highly appreciated and the audience likes my role.


Mahira Khan height:

Mahira Khan is very keen to maintain her fitness especially her height, weight, and figure. She doesn’t a lot of time in the gym. Therefore, she is successful to maintain herself. Mahira Khan height 5 feet 6 inches

Mahira Khan awards:

Lux Style Award
Hum Award

Mahira Khan biodata/wikipedia:

Name: Mahira Khan ماہرہ خان
occupation: Model, actor, and co-host
Father’s Name: Hafeez Khan
Sibling: Hassaan Khan
Husband: Ali Askari (divorce)
Son: Azain Askari
Date of Birth: 21 December 1984
Age: 35 years old but look likes a young and energetic lady .
place of birth: Karachi
Nationality: Pakistani
Religion: Islam
Height: 5 feet 6 inch
Weight: 54Kg
Figure: 35-26-33
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
complexion: Fair
Languages: Urdu, English, Hindi, Punjabi
Hobbies: Acting, reading, listening to old music

Official web site: Not available

Youtube channel: Not available

Mahira Khan Facebook:

Mahira Khan twitter:

Mahira Khan Instagram:

Mahira Khan Resemblance:

A girl is very famous now-a-days. The reason is behind it that she is look-alike Mahira Khan. Fans are wondering to see the Mahira Khan resemblance girl. She is not a Mahira Khan but seems to be a Mahira Khan.

The girl who seems to be a copy of Mahira Khan is also living in Karachi and the same profession of Mahira Khan, Showbiz industry. She is a model and her name is Kurasah Anwer Sheikh.

Kurasah Anwer Sheikh has the ability to seems, Mahira Khan. She shares some pics which is the same as Mahira Khan. Some pics are shared for the fans.

Mahira Khan Photo Shoot:

After a long time, Mahira Khan share a picture with their fans and said that because of coronavirus I have nothing to do. Now I am doing a photoshoot after a long time. Mahira Khan further said I am happy to get back. Hopefully, it will be continued and life will be on routine. She said I am not easily with new rules and regulations only because of coronavirus. Any way Mahira Khan shares a picture for the interest of fans.

Mahira Khan Pics:

Mahira Khan Films:

Manto…………..2015 Bin Roye……..2015
Actor in Law ……2016 Ho Mann Jahan…2016
Raees…………..2017 Verna………..2017
7 Din Mohabbat In..2018
The Legand of Maula Jatt…2019 Parey Hut Love..2019

Mahira Khan Dramas:

MTV Most Wanted……..2006
Weekends with Mahira…2008
Coke Kahani…………2012
1st Hum Awards………2013
TUC The Lighter Side of Life….2014
14th Lux Style Awards..2015
Bin Roye……………2016
Mai Manto…………..2017

Interesting facts about Mahira Khan:

Mahira Khan is the highest-paid actress in Pakistan. She worked in Indian movies, with Shah Rukh Khan.
Mahira Khan announced the most beautiful woman in Pakistan in 2012.
Mahira Khan hosted the 10th Lux Style Award in 2010.
Mahira Khan won the Hum Awards in 2013.
Mahira Khan also won the 14th Lux Style Awards in 2015.
She has the honor to serve as an ambassador for many brands like Lux, QMoble, Gai Power Wash, Sunsilk, Veet and etc.

Does Mahira Khan has the habit of Drinking? No

Does Mahira Khan like smoking? No

Does Mahira Khan attached with her family? Yes

Does Mahira Khan talented actress? Yes

Does Mahira Khan is a professional? yes not doubt at all.

Does Mahira Khan work in Indian movies? yes

Does Mahira Khan believe in hard work and devotion? yes

Does Mahira Khan has some bad habits? occasionally

Does Mahira Khan has the faith on others? yes but with the passage of time she became very mature.

Does Mahira Khan divorce from her husband? yes

Does Mahira Khan has a son? yes, his name is Azain.



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