Meera Biography:

What is the real name of Pakistani actress Meera (میرا)? I think many people can not tell them. Meera’s real name is Irtiaz Rubaba. Meera is the part and parcel of the Pakistani Film Industry. She spends a lot of time in lolly wood and also the Indian film industry which called them Bollywood. Meera (میرا) was born on 12th May 1977. Her father was a Goldsmith and name is Manzoor Hussain Shah. The mother of Meera is an educationist, also a teacher. Meera has not a long family. She has four siblings, two of them brothers and two are sisters.

Meera age:

Meera is very famous in fans and audiences because of her English and age. often fans ask Meera to tell her age. Pakistani actress Meera is very clever, can not tell them her real age but we tell you that what is the real and actual age of Meera. She was born on 12 May 1977. Nobody challenge it. According to her date of birth, Meera age is 42 years and two months till today.

Actress Meera wiki/biodata

Name: Irtiaz Rubaba.

Nickname: Meera (میرا)

Date of birth: 12 May 1977

Age: 42 years

Profession:- Actress, Model, and Anchor

Gender: Female

Nationality:- Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Martial Status: Married but Meera (میرا) not accepted.

Height:-                     5 feet 5 inch 

Weight:-                   62 KG 

Meera Father’s Name:– Manzoor Hussain Shah

Meera Mother’s Name:- Syeda Shafqat Zahra

Brothers Name:- Murtaza Ahsan and Syed Hussain

Sisters Name:- Rubab and Aqsa.

Pakistani Actress Meera Career:

Meera started her career in 1995 but not impact the audience. She participated in a film whose name was Khilona, which is a good one for Meera. Pakistani Actress Meera becomes famous for that film and known in the Pakistani Film Industry which called them Lolly wood.

Meera Personal Life:

Meera surrounded a lot of scandal in her Showbiz life as well as personal life also. She has a lot of affairs like Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar and the other one Attiqu ur Rehman but surprisingly Meera married Captain Naveed Pervaiz in October 2013 which is very famous. Then news spread all over the world, Meera shared some memories with Captain Naveed when she was with him in America.

Meera Share the picture which is shared also viewers, criticized the fans of Meera because of the handling of the English. Meera wrote the incorrect words with the picture. Fan’s of Meera said that Meera G. you look nice but glasses are not for your type. She spends a lot of time with Captain Naveed but at last, they can not handle each other in a better way and Meera went to courts and submit an application for Tanisk-e-Nikah.

Meera work in Indian Films:

Meera also works in the Indian film industry. She participated in a movie whose name is NAZAR. Meera has also credit on her behalf that NAZAR was a movie that opens the door of Indo-Pak peace talks. After that Meera works a lot of movies in India.

Meera Scandal:

Meera is very famous among the audience because of her attitude. She knows how to create a piece of news and get attention to the media. A few days back, Meera went to Dubia for her new film promotion. Meera starts quarreling with another woman. Both can not stop and police have to enter to handle the situation but Meera is out of order. Police arrested Meera and take her passport. This news is a big one for Pakistani Media. Pakistani Media took serious notice and news was spread within no time. When reporters contact to Meera’s Mother. She told that the news is fake. Meera is saved.

Now Meera is facing courts for justice. Meera said that if she can not find justice, she will go abroad.

Meera Height, weight and other measurement:-
Nick Name: Meera  Real Name: Irtiaz Rubaba

Date of Birth:        12th May, 1977

age:                           42 years

Place of Birth:-       Lahore Capital of Punjab.

Occupation:-            Actress, Model and also TV Anchor

Nationality:             Pakistan

Height:-                     5 feet 5 inch 

Weight:-                   62 KG 

Bra Size:                   36

Religion:-                 Islam

Eye Colure:-           Brown 

Hair Colour:-         Brown

Shoe size:-              7

Body:-                    Attractive and good looking.

Criticism on Meera:-

Meera was criticized for her bold work in the Indian film NAZAR. but she is determined and never afraid it and go step ahead. Some bold scenes of NAZAR share with the viewers to see that Meera boldness.

Meera Best Films:-

Kanta in 1995. Chief Sahib also 1995, which is a very popular move of Meera. Hawaen 1996. Baazigar (Punjabi Movie 1996).

Miss Istanbul 1996. Khilone also in 1996.

Rani Khan also in 1996. Duniya hay dil walion ke in 1997.

Dream Girl (1997) Mard jeenay nhi daty also in 1997.

Tou chor may spahi in 1998. Kahin payar na ho jaiy also in 1998.

Ehsas 1998. Guns and Roses in 1999. Inteha also in 1999.

Pal dou pal (1999). Babul da vehra (Punjabi Movie in 1999).

Billi (in the year of 2000). Lazawal in 2000. Ghulam (2000) Gharana in 2001. Toofan Mail also in 2001.

Billa (2002). Toofan also in 2002.

Meri awaz suno in 2003.

Aik Gunah Aur (2005).

Nazar Hindi Movie in India year 2005.

Kasak also Hindi Movie in 2005 also.

Pappu Gujjar (2006) Bichuu (2007)

Fareeb (in 2009). Son of Pakistan (2011)

Ishq Khuda (Punjabi Movie in 2013)

Salute (2016) Jab tk hayn hum also in 2016.

Shor Sharaba (2018) Jackpot also in 2018.

Baaji (2019) Parey Hut Love also in 2019.

Meera Biography, Age, Height, weight and many more.

Interesting facts about Meera:

Does Meera have the habit of smoking? No

Does Meera like drinking? No

Does Meera interested in affairs? yes

Do Meera hard work and devoted actress? yes

Does Meera trustworthy? No

Does Meera famous because of her interesting English? yes

Does Meera work in Indian movies? yes

Does Meera have some bad habits? not many

Does Meera attach to her family? yes

Does Meera speak English? Yes.

Meera photos:



Meera biography Meera age

Meera height Meera English

Meera family

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