?Meghan Markle is pregnant

People have a opinion on Markle’s every movement, what she’s wearing, her physical movements and her baby bump.
People have a keen interest on whole Marke body every activity. they tweet them and said.
Moonbump Mountbatten Windsor
‏Where’s the #surrogate? I was expecting to be royally dumped in Morocco but I’m still hanging in here. Looking more ridiculous by the day! #megxit #DuchessofDeception #CharlatanDuchess #helllllp


markle tweet


Meghan Markle is a American actress and blogger and participate in many drama Suits. she won Prince Harry heart in 2016 and after few months, the couple went public with their romance. Their engagement was  done  late 2017, much to the delight of the British public, and led royal wedding in May 2018.

Meghan, has a bitter experience of marriage and previously married to film producer Trevor Engelson.

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