Mehwish Hayat Biography, age, family, husband, biodata, height, weight, and drama

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Mehwish Hayat is a famous Pakistani actress, singer and also a unique model. She was born on 6 January 1983 in Karachi (Sindh). Her mother’s name is Rukhsar Hayat. She was also a famous TV actress. Her real  name is also Mehwish Hayat. 

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Mehwish Hayat mother:

Mehwish Hayat seems to be copy of her mother. Mehwish Hayat mother is also an actress during the 80s. She doing lot of work in showbiz industry. Mehwish Hayat mother name is Rukhsar Hayat.

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Mehwish Hayat bio data:

Name: Mehwish Hayat
occupation: Actor/Model
Date of birth: 6 January, 1986
age: 36 years
mother name: Rukhsar Hayat
sister name: Afsheen Hayat
Brother name: Danish Hayat, Zeeshan Hayat
Place of birth: Karachi
Nationality: Pakistan
Married: Single
Region: Islam
Hobbies: Dancing and singing
Height: 5feet 8 inch (1.73m)
Weight: 50 KG
Eye colour: Black
Bra size: 34
Waist: 30

Hair colour: Black

Mehwish Hayat brother name:

Mehwish Hayat family background is rich. He has lot of cousins and brothers. She is very graceful among her relatives. Mehwish Hayat has two brother, Zeeshan Hayat and Danish Hayat. Zeeshan Hayat is a singer-composer and doing fantastic job in showbiz industry. Danish Hayat is an actor and doing work with lot of dramas.

Mehwish Hayat sister:

Mehwish Hayat whole family is attached with Showbiz industry. Her sister is also work showbiz. Mehwish Hayat sister name is Afsheen Hayat. She has the habit of singing. Afsheen Hayat is a professional singer.

Mehwish Hayat sister name:

Mehwish Hayat movies:

Mehwish Hayat has a number of successful films on her behalf. Jawani phir nehi ani film which make him Mehwish Hayat very famous actress among the audience.  She participates in Actor in law, which is also a good one. Punjab nehi jaungi a good add among the audience. Mehwish Hayat also likes this film personally. Another film Load Wedding has a good impact, also huge criticize Mehwish Hayat.

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Now Government of Pakistan gave Mehwish Hayat Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for her positive acting and appreciate. After taking the award, Mehwish Hayat criticized and social media took notice and open debate on Mehwish Hayat either she deserve it or not. But Mehwish Hayat took away, that is also a reality and we should admire it.

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Mehwish Hayat family:-

Mehwish Hayat mother’s is also a actresses in her area. Her name is Rukhsar Hayat. She has 3 elder brothers and only one sister. That is amazing news that whole family of Mehwish Hayat belongs to Showbiz. One of her sister is a singer and launched an album. Mehwish Hayat has a good fortune that she is very famous in showbiz industry and has got success but her siblings are not famous one. 

Mehwish Hayat Husband:

There are too many rumors that Mehwish Hayat is married but as the matter of fact that she is single not married yet. 

Mehwish Hayat famous drama:

Ishq maiy teray.

Phir chand paiy dastak

Dil lagi

Mery qatal mery dildar

Mirat ul uroos

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Some interesting fact about Actress Mehwish Hayat:

Does Mehwish Hayat have the habit of smoking? No

Does Mehwish Hayat like to drunk? No

Does Mehwish Hayat attached with her family? Yes

Does Mehwish Hayat marry? No

Does Mehwish Hayat have a sister, who is a singer? Yes. Mehwish Hayat sister is a singer by profession. Mehwish Hayat sister’s name is Afsheen Hayat.

Does Mehwish Hayat get Tamgha-e-Imtiaz? Yes in 2019.

Mehwish Hayat movies:-

Actor in law

Punjab nehi jaungi

Jawani phir nehi ani

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