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Minal Khan biography

Minal Khan اداکارہ منال خان is a Pakistani actress. She was born on 20th November 1998. Minal Khan first appearance in 2011 drama serial Kaash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti. After that Minal Khan works a lot of drama series Like Quddusi Sahab Ke Bewah, Hum Sub Ajeeb Se Hain, Parchayee and Ki Jana Mai Kaun.

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Minal Khan family:

Minal Khan born along with her twin sister Aiman Khan on 20 November 1998 in Karachi. Her father is a police officer and serving Sindh Police (Pakistan) Minal Khan father’s name is Mubeen Khan. Mubeen Khan has well repute as a police officer. Minal Khan’s mother is a housewife and well organized the whole family. Minal Khan mother’s name is Uzma Khan. Minal Khan also has three young brothers. She belongs to an Urdu-speaking family.

Minal Khan Marriage:

Minal Khan اداکارہ منال خان not marriage yet. She is single but some reliable sources told that Minal Khan engages with Momo Hina Dilpazeer (Momoo from Bulblly) son, whose name is ( ). Minal Khan said in her interview that she is still child mean not be able to get married. When I will be elder, will be married.

In her later part of the interview, Minal Khan said that she loves children. She is not ready for marriage. If a boy who resemblance Muneeb But, habits, nature etc, I will be married after there four years.

Minal Khan biodata/wikipedia

Name: Minal Khan
Nickname: Minal
occupation: Actress and model
Date of birth: 20 November 1998
age: 21 years
Place of birth: Karachi
Father name: Mubeen Khan
Mother name: Uzma Khan
Sister name: Aiman Khan
Brothers: three
Nationality: Pakistani
Religion: Islam
Marriage: Not yet (single)
education: Matric
Height: 5feet 5 inch
Weight: 55 Kg
eye colour: Brown
hair colour: Dark brown
Bra size: 32
Favourite food: Chinse, fast and desi foods
Favourite colour: Black and white
Favourite singer: Atif Aslam
Shoe size: 7

Minal Khan father name:

Minal Khan born in Karachi from Urdu speaking family. Her father is a police officer. Minal Khan father name is Mubeen Khan, and he has a good repute from his department.

Minal Khan father died:

Famous showbiz stars Minal Khan and Aiman Khan father Mubeen Khan died on Thursday. He was suffering major health issues.

Actor Muneeb Butt, the husband of Aiman Khan, posted a story on Instagram and said that Aiman and Minal Khan father Mubeen Khan has passed away. He said that the announcement regarding funeral prayers of Mubeen Khan and burial will be made soon.

On 19th December, Minal Khan shares news about her father Mubeen Khan Health issues.

Minal Khan mother name:

Minal Khan mother is a well-organised lady. Minal Khan emotionally attached to her and spend a lot of time to get together. Minal Khan mother name is Uzma Khan. She is a housewife and very sincere towards her family.

Minal Khan brother:

Minal Khan belongs to Karachi, and her family is Urdu speaking. She has a large family background. Minal Khan place of birth is Karachi (Pakistan). She has one sister and three young brothers. Minal Khan brothers are handsome and attractive.

Minal Khan age:

Fans of Minal Khan are very keen to know her age. A lot of searches made on minal khan age, what is the age of minal khan, minal age. viewers, we can tell you the real age of Minal Khan according to her date of birth. Minal Khan date of birth is 20 November 1998. Minal Khan age 21 years.

Minal Khan Husband:

Minal Khan very attractive and charming actress and viewers keen to know about Minal Khan husband. We can be told you with a lot of authority that Minal Khan not married yet but sources said that Minal Khan engages with the son of Hina Dilpazeer (Momoo from Bulblly). Minal Khan posted some pictures on her social media links. We share these pictures for your interest.

Top 10 Minal Khan best dramas list:

Kaash Mai Teri Beti Na Hoti (2011)
Quddusi Sahab Ke Bewah (2012)
Adhoori Aurat (2013)
Mann Ky Moti (2013)
Mere Meherban (2014)
Mithu Aur Aapa (2015)
Joru Ka Ghulam (2016)
Sun Yaara (2017)
Beti to main bee hou (2017)
Ustani Jee (2018)
Ghamand (2018)
Hasad (2019)
Qismat (2019)

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan:

Minal Khan and Aiman Khan twins’ sisters and both are attached to each other. Aiman Khan and Minal Khan work together in a lot of dramas. Minal Khan very happy when Aiman Khan marriage took place. Minal Khan participated in every function of Aiman Khan marriage. The whole family of Minal Khan seems delighted in Aiman Khan marriage. Minal Khan very close to Muneeb Butt, he is the husband of Aiman Khan.

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Minal Khan photoshoot:

Interesting facts about Minal Khan:

Does Minal Khan have the habit of drinking? No

Does Minal Khan like smoking? No

Does Minal Khan active of social media? Yes

Does Minal Khan have a boyfriend? Not only rumours

Does Minal Khan hardworking actress? Yes

Does Minal Khan brave actress? yes

Does Minal Khan attached with her family? yes

Does Minal Khan show a lot of respected seniors artists? yes

Does Minal Khan marry? Not yes but sourced said that she is engaged with the son of Momoo (Bulbully)

Does Minal Khan and Aiman Khan twins? yes

Minal khan Ahsan Mohsin Ikram pics:

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