nikki bella left wwe

Nikki Bella Left WWE but Why? that is the question, we try to sort out. Nikki Bella tell the truth why he left wwe. She said my body can not handle it anymore because i am tired and loosing grip on my body. The news of Nikki Bella spread all around the world because she is a not a star but super star.

nikki bella pic

Nikki Bella Sister supports her and said my sister Nikki Bella take a right decision. Nikki Bella told the audience that she wants to do some business in her future life and no more wrestling because she can not handle any more. Nikki Bella had a long career in WWE and really a superstar. Audience from all over the world shocked when Nikki Bella announced her retirement but Nikki Bella tell the truth and her lover are satisfied.

nikki bella with john cena

Nikki Bella also has a close relationship with John Cena but now nothing is going. Nikki Bela and John Cena close all relations and spend their lives with ease in a happy mood. Nikki Bela has a plan for her future life. only time will tell that Nikki Bella takes the right decision or not.

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