Noor Bukhari Biography

Noor Bukhari is a well known Pakistani actress, model, and host. She was born on 3 July 1982 in Lahore. Noor Bukhari is the daughter of Sara Mughal Bukhari. She is very active in Pakistani films especially in Pashto film; she worked in 44 Pashto films, as well as 44 films in Punjabi.

Noor Bukhari wedding

Noor Bukhari first marriage:

Noor Bukhari gain popularity for her marriages. She was very young when joined the showbiz industry. After her hard work and luck, she became the star in a short time. When Noor Bukhari was peeked at her career, she decided to marry. She did five marriages at different times. Noor Bukhari first husband name is Engineer Sahib (Vikram). Noor Bukhari marriage with Engineer Sahib took place in Dubai in 2008 but unfortunately Noor Bukhari first marriage did not go long and Noor Bukhari get divorced from Vikram. After that Noor Bukhari decided to second marriage. Noor Bukhari first husband name was Vikram. She did not stay with Vikram long and decided to live her first husband Vikram. Noor Bukhari told the reality about her divorce from Vikram in a statement. She told me that my first husband Vikram asked me that he accept Islam but he did not accept Islam, therefore, I got divorced from my second husband Vikram.

Noor Bukhari second marriage:

Noor Bukhari 2ND husband name is Farooq Mengal, who also belongs to showbiz industry. Farooq Mengal is a producer and director. Noor Bukhari husband Farooq Mengal is very happy about his marriage with Noor Bukhari but they can not go long. After four months, Noor Bukhari and Farooq Mengal separated. Farooq Mengal divorced Noor Bukhari.

Noor Bukhari third marriage:

The name of the third husband of Noor Bukhari is Awn Chaudhry, who is the personal secretary of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Noor Bukhari marriage with Awn Chaudhry took place in 2012 but Noor Bukhari can not stay with Awn Chaudhry and get divorced the same year,2012.

Noor Bukhari four marriage:

Noor Bukhari was very dejected after the failure of three marriages. She was determined to stay with her fourth husband after the marriage. Noor Bukhari 4TH husband name is Hamid Ali Khan, who is a well established classical singer. Noor Bukhari four marriage with Hamid Ali Khan took place in March 2017 but Noor Bukhari four husband Hamid Ali Khan can not stay with him. Noor Bukhari gave a statement that her fourth marriage has failed.

Noor Bukhari fifth marriage:

Noor Bukhari now became bridal again 5TH time. Now her fifth husband name is Awn Chaudhry. Remember that, Noor Bukhari fifth marriage took place in January 2020 with her ex-husband Awn Chaudhry.

Noor Bukhari biodata/Wikipedia

Name:      Noor Bukhari

Occupation: host and actress

Date of birth: 3 July 1982

Age: 38 years  


Place of birth: Lahore (Punjab)

Martial status: married

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Pakistani

Husband name: Noor Bukhari first husband name is Vikram.

Noor Bukhari Second husband name is Farooq Mengal

Noor Bukhari third husband name is Awn Chaudhry

Noor Bukhari fourth husband name is Hamid Wali Khan

Noor Bukhari fifth husband name is Awn Chaudhry

Children: one daughter name Fatima

Father name: Sheeraz Bukhari

Mother name: Sara Mughal Bukhari

Sister name: Faria Bukhari

Height: 5 feet 7 inches ( 1.70m)

Weight: 65 Kg (143lbs)

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