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Rauf Klasra one of the leading journalist of Pakistan. He belongs to subtribe of Jatt. Place of birth is Layyah district the south Punjab of the Pakistan and also very backward area. He graduated from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan and Goldsmiths university of London. His graduation is in English Literature.

Rauf Klasra Books:-

Rauf Klasra author a book which name is Ek Sayisat ke Kahanian’.

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Rauf Klasra Wife:-

The name of Rauf Klasra wife is Shahwar Faryal. She is an educated lady and handle her family very well.

Rauf Klasra Career:-

Rauf Klasra is not only a top journalist but now he is the leading anchor also. He started his careers as a reporter the most popular English Newspaper of Pakistan Daily DWAN. As you know in Print Media the job is not permanent, he join the Jang group of publication and work for The News. With the passage of time, Rauf Klasra start writing columns for The News and also Weekly Magzine Akhbar-e-Jahan. Viewer like his columns and he recognize as a columnist. Now Rauf Klasra is writing columns for Daily Dunya which is very famous newspaper among the people of Pakistan. Rauf Klasra filed his exclusive stories for Daily Dunya and also Dunya News channel. With the passage of time, Rauf Klasra become the one of the topper journalist of Pakistan. He is the Editor Investigator in Dunya News Network. The owner of the newspaper is Mian Amer Mahmood, who is the ex-mayer of Lahore city, which is the capital of Punjab. Mian Amer Mahmood started daily Dunya in 3rd September, 2012. Mian Amer is also owner of Punjab group of colleges, Punjab law college, University of central Punjab, Muhammad Ali Jinnah university and many more projects. Rauf Klasra and Mian Amer is also a close friends and spend lot of time get together. The friends of Rauf Klasra know him very well, he never filed a story without a proof and evidence.

Rauf Klasra as a anchor:-

Rauf Klasra worked as a political analysts with Dunya News with the programme of ”Khaber Yeh Hai” which is very famous among the audience and he is shining as a political analysts. He worked Dunya News many year but as I said earlier Print Media and also Electronic Media is not a reliable industry, you can not stay in one news channel many years, so Rauf Klasra lest the Dunya News for personal reasons and joined 92 news channel with his closet friend amer mateen. 92 news is also very popular among the people of Pakistan.

When Rauf Klasra joined 92 News Channel, he got permission to speak the truth loud and clear and he do with lot of ease. He started programme with the name of Muqabil. Within no time the Muqabil become the one of the topper programme. Rauf Klasra analysis up to the mark in every time and people awaited the Muqabil programme. Amer Matten is also investigative journalist and find the truth in every cost. As we said earlier Rauf Klasra is a brave journalist and never afraid of the threats. He face many threats in his career but he never give up. In his programme Muqabil, he disclosed many scandals and corrupt politicians, government servants and many other. The Mafia are very strong and have the links in every filed of life. When Rauf Klasra realized that he can not work with 92 News Channel, he left the channel.

Rauf Klasra Awards:-

Rauf Klasra won the APNS award so many times in his career.

Now Rauf Klasra joined the AAP News channel. Rauf Klasra hosted a new show with AAP News his close friend Amer Mateen. Rauf Klasra has a long journalist career and he knows the value of hard work, which is done through out his career.

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