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Reema Khan Biography:

Reema Khan is not only a actresses but also a film director, and producer. She was born in 27th October 1971 in Lahore, the province of Punjab. Reema Khan started her education in Multan. Her real name is Sameena Khan.

Reema Khan worked more than 200 films. Her debut was in 1990. Reeman Khan also got Pride of Performance award in 2019 from Government of the Pakistan.

Reema Khan age:-

Reema Khan real age. That is the question viewers wants to know because every website given different age of Reema Khan but we told you the actual age of Reema Khan. Reema Khan is now 48 years old and still looking dashing, charming and attractive. That is a real aspect of Reema Khan.

Reema Khan awards:

Remma Khan got so many awards in her acting career like Bollywood Movie Award in 2004.

Lux Style Award in 2005.

Lux Style Award in 2006 for best actress.

Lux Style Award in 2006 for best film director.

Lux Style Award in 2011 for Lux Icon of Beauty.

Pride of performance in 2019.

Reema Khan Career:-

Reema Khan was born in Lahore the capital city of Punjab. As we all know she is very talented lady. Javed Fazil was a director and he recognize Reema Khan talent and offered him a role in his film, which name is BULANDI and also the Reema Khan first debut film.

Reema Khan husband Dr Tariq Shahab:

Reema Khan marriage with Dr.Tariq Shahab is surprising for everyone. Dr.Tariq Shahab become husband of Reema Khan in 2011. her husband is a doctor as you all know. Dr. Tariq Shahab is a specialist in heart disease. He is a cardiologist and practicing in America. Reema Khan living with her husband in America. Dr.Tariq Shahab is very famous surgeon in his hometown.

Reema Khan films:-

Bulandi in 1990. Zameen Aasman in 1994. Jo dar jaya wo mar jaya in 1995. Munda Bigra Jay also in 1995. Love 95. Nikah. One two ka one. Love mein ghum.

Reema Khan personal life:-

Reeman Khan created suspense about her marriage but later on she started her newly marriage life with Pak-American based cardiologist Syed Tariq Shahab in 2011. Reema Khan and spending a happy marriage life get together. Now they have a baby boy. His name is Ali Shahab.

Reema Khan son:

Reema Khan marriage with Dr.Tariq Shahab in November, 2011. They spend lot of time get together with harmony. on 24th March 2015, Reema Khan bless with a son. Reema Khan son name is Ali Shahab. Now He is 4 years old and very naughty. Reema Khan often shared his son pics on social media for viewers interest. Viewers has also keen interest on Remma Khan son.

Reema Khan age, Height, weight, occupation:-

Reema Khan height 5ft 6 inch and her weight is almost 60 kg. Hair colour is black and eyes were dark browns.

Reema Khan Occupation:-

Actor, Model, Director and also appear as a producer.

Hip size: 36 inches. Bra Size: 36C. Waist size:27 inches. Hair colour: Dark Brown. Eye Colour: also Dark Brown.

Reema Khan Films:

Reema Khan work as a actress lot of Pakistan Films. Some of films are mentioned of Reema Khan.

Bulandi in 1990.

Ishq in 1991. Pyar he pyra also in 1991. Ishq Zindabad 1992. Mehbooba also in 1992. Chahat (1992).

Hina, Anjuman and Paida Geer in 1993. Hathi mery Sathi in 1993. Dunya meri jaib mey also in 1993.

Dkhu chor saphi (1993). Putar Munwar Zareef was a comedy film which is also in 1993. Teesri Dunya (1993).

Reema Khan do lot of work in the year of 1993 and become famous among the audience and viewers also.

Reema Khan tour of Israel:-

Reema Khan just tour of Israel which was criticize by the people of Pakistan. When she post her pictures on social media, people are very annoyed on him but why they do this? The only reason is that Pakistan is not officially accept Israel but we can not blame Reema Khan because she also had American Nationality Holder. Anyway Reema Khan visited Aqsa Mosque with her husband Dr. Shahab. When she was in Aqsa Mosque Reema Khan wrote on social media that Thanks Almighty Allah for giving me opportunity to see the Aqsa Mosque. After Aqsa Mosque visit, Reema Khan shared some snaps which was posted on our pages for the viewers:-

Reema Khan Height, Weight, age, husband, family, wiki and complete biography.

Reema Khan photo:

Some interesting facts about Reema Khan:

Does Reema Khan spend lot of time with Dr.Tariq Shahab before marriage? No

Does Reema Khan love with Dr.Tariq Shahab?Yes

Does Reema Khan spending happy life with Dr.Tariq Shahab? Yes

Does Reema Khan has some bad habits like smoking, drinking etc? No

Does Reema Khan trust worthy? Yes

Does Reema Khan has children? Not so many, only one

Does Reema Khan leave the showbiz industry? You can say because she work with showbiz industry occasionally not regularly.


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