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Sadia Khan biography:

اداکارہ سونیا خان کی زندگی کے اہم راز

Sadia Khan is one of the most famous Pakistani actresses. She was born on 11 September 1987 in Islamabad. Her place of birth is also Islamabad. She completed her early education from Islamabad. Sadia Khan holds the degree of Masters in Psychology from Lahore. She started acting career after completing her studies. She gains success with a lot of hard work and natural talent.

Sadia Khan biodata/wikipedia:

Name: Sadia Khan اداکارہ سعدیہ خان

Nickname: Sadia

Profession: Actress/modeling

Date of birth: 11 September 1987

Place of birth: Islamabad

Age: 33 Years

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Education: Masters in Psychology

Father name: Iftikhar

Mother name: Not available

Brother name: Not available

Sisters name: Not available

Martial status: Unmarried (single)

Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)

Weight: 53 Kg (116 pounds)

Body measurement: 34-25-34 inches

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Sadia Khan Age:

Sadia Khan is famous Pakistani actress. She looks  very attractive  with natural personality. Fans like her style of acting. They are keen to know about her exact age. A lot of searches made about Sadia Khan age. Sadia Khan was born on 11 September 1987 in Islamabad. According to her date of birth, Sadia Khan age is 33 years.

Sadia Khan Father name:

She is the most famous Pakistani actress only because of the passion that she has shown towards her work. She is emotionally attached to her family especially her father. Sadia Khan father name is Iftikhar.

Sadia Khan Mother name:

As we said earlier, she is emotionally attached with her family.  Sadia Khan not shares information about her family. Therefore, Sadia Khan mother name is not available but we try our level best, we provide you Sadia Khan mother name as soon as possible.

Sadia Khan sisters name:

She has two sisters. Sadia Khan sisters name are not available.

Sadia Khan Family:

Sadia Khan is very famous among the fans. Fans are very keen to know about her family especially Sadia Khan mother name and sisters name but Sadia Khan does not share information about her family. No information is available about Sadia Khan family.

Sadia Khan Marriage:

Sadia Khan is handsome  with dashing personality. She is very famous among the young fans. Fans are very keen to know about her life especially her marriage. A lot of searches made about Sadia Khan Marriage. Sadia Khan husband name. Who is the husband of Sadia Khan. Some rumors are spreading around that Sadia khan marriage took place but that is not true news. We told you with surety that Sadia Khan is engaged but not married yet. Only rumors are spread that she is married but the reality is that Sadia Khan is not married. She is still engaged.

Sadia Khan Height:

Sadia Khan is looking handsome and young at the age of 33 years. She is taller guy. Fans like her personality and interested to know about her height. Sadia Khan height is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Sadia Khan Weight:

Sadia Khan looks smart and charming personality. A lot of times spend in gym to maintain her figure and fitness. A lot of searches to know about her exact weight. What is the height of Sadia Khan. Sadia Khan weight is 53 Kg (116 pounds).

Sadia Khan Facebook:

Sadia Khan is a dashing and attractive personality and also active on social media. She shares every single moment. Fans are also keen to know about Sadia Khan dramas. Sadia Khan facebook address is given below.

Sadia Khan facebook address

Sadia Khan Instagram:

Showbiz stars using Instagram and other social media apps regularly. She is also using Instagram very well. Sadia Khan Instagram address is as under.

Sadia Khan Instagram address

Sadia Khan Twitter:

Sadia Khan spends free time on social media especially on twitter to inform fans about his activities and share some useful information. Sadia Khan Twitter address is as under:-

Sadia Khan twitter address

Sadia Khan Dramas list:

Yariyan (2010)

Khuda Aur Mohabbat (2011)

Laa (2014)  

Khuda Aur Muhabbat 2 (2016-2017)

Mushrik (2017)

Shayad (2017-2018)

Maryam Periera (2018-2019)

Sadia Khan Movies list:

Life is a Moment (2015)

The Final Witness (2016)

Interesting facts about Sadia Khan:

Does Sadia Khan have the habit of smoking? No

Does Sadia Khan Alcohol? No

Does Sadia Khan was born in Islamabad? Yes

Does Sadia Khan have the craze of acting? Yes

Does Sadia Khan modeling? No

Does Sadia Khan singing? No

Does Sadia Khan is a TV Host? No

Does Sadia Khan have a director? No

Does Sadia Khan get married? No, she is not married yet.

Sadia Khan pics:

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