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Sajal Ali Biography:

Sajal Aly (سجل علی) is a Pakistani young talented actress who became very famous because of her passion for acting. She was born on 17th January 1994 in Lahore (Pakistan). Sajal Aly started her career from GEO TV play Nadaaniyan, in a minor role but she is determined and confident. After her first appearance, she impressed the audience and also the producers. After Nadaaniyan, Sajal Ali picked ARY Digital Network of family drama Mehmoodabad Ke Malkani. As the passage of time, Sajal Ali recognizes in the drama industry and get success with her hard work and determination. Now she is also the topper actress of Pakistan Drama Industry. Sajal Aly appears Lux Style Awards 2019 in a simple but looking extraordinary because of her innocent smile and faces beauty.

اداکارہ سجل کی شادی کے بعد صبور کا دل للچانے لگا

Sajal Ali Family:

As we said earlier, Sajal Aly (سجل علی) is the habit of speaking the truth about her every matter of life. Sajal Aly has not had a long family background. Sajal Ali has one sister, her name is Saboor Ali, she is also a well-organized actress in Pakistani Show-Biz industry. Sajal Ali also blessed with only a single brother.

Sajl Ali won Arab Award:

Actress Sajal Ali won the Distinctive International Arab festival Awards (DIAFA) for her contribution to Film and Television. DIAFA awards ceremony held in Dubai every year.

Sajal Ali was emotional when she received the award. She said Assalamualaikum to all, first of all I want to say I am really honoured to be here with such a wonderful actors and amazing people. Sajal Ali appear in this event with her husband Ahad Raza Mir. He is also very happy and emotional to gain her wife Sajal Ali great success.

Sajal Ali announce on Instagram to inform their fans that she won Arab awards. Fans are very happy that Sajal Ali won the DIAFA award.

Sajal Ali also shares some pictures of DIAFA award.

Sajal Ali mother name:

Sajal Ali (سجل علی) loved her mother and attached it emotionally. The name of the Sajal Ali mother is Rahat Appa. Rahat Appa is a very brad and hardworking lady. With the passage of time, Cancer attacked him. She is seriously ill and died of cancer. Sajal Ali is very close to her mother and feels alone after the death of her mother Rahat Appa. With the passage of time, Sajal Ali recover. As we said earlier Sajal Ali is a hard worker and a brave girl and became more strong.

Sajal Ali age:

A lot of people asked about Sajal Aly age. As you know girls are in the habit, no show her real age specially Showbiz personalities. But Sajal Aly is very clear about her age and can not hide her age. Sajal Aly 26 years old young and dashing girl. Sajal Ali said an interview that She has the habit of speaking truth. When Anchor asked about her age, Sajal Aly told me me that I am 26 years old and that is the real age of me.

Saja Ali interview:

Actress Sajal Ali told that in her latest interview that She loves jewelry especially bangles. She also shares some pictures of bangles and other jewelry. Sajal Ali is a very famous actress not only in Pakistan but across the world. She got 6 million followers on Instagram. That is a great achievement for any Pakistani.

Sajal Aly height:

What is the height of Salay Aly? That is the million-dollar question. You visit websites and see the about height of Sajaly Aly is a different opinion. One web is saying that Sajal Aly is 5 feet 2 inches. The other one told that Sajal Aly is near about 5 inches 3 inches. The audience is confused about Sajal Aly height. We can assure you that we told you Sajal Ali actual height with a lot of authority. Sajal Aly height is 1.68 meters mean 5 feet 511811 inch.

Sajal Ali weight:

Women are very keen to maintain their weight especially actresses. Sajal Aly is also showing a lot of concern about her weight. She went to a gym for this purpose on a regular basis. Saja Ali weight is 52 Kg (115 pounds).

Sajal Ali wiki/biodata

Full Name: Sajal Ali (Sajal Aly)
Nickname: Sajal
Date of birth: 17 January 1994

Age: 25 years
Place of birth: Lahore
Occupation: Actress/Model

Martial Status: married with Ahad Raza Mir

Ex-Boy friend: Feroz Khan (Actor)

Career started: 2009

Place of birth: Lahore (Pakistan)
Nationality: Pakistani
Religion: Islam

Sajal Ali family picture:

Sajal Aly and Feroze Khan:

Feroze Khan is a very young talented actor in the Pakistan Drama Industry. He started his career drama serial Chup Raho. Sajal Ali Feroze Khan worked so many drams and rumors spread that both attach to each other. This type of news also heard that Sajal Aly Feroze Khan got married in the future but Feroze Khan cleared that I can tell you that I have no serious relation with Sajal Aly. We are good friends and nothing. He further said that we met drama serial Chup Raho by Yasir Nawaz and after that, we work together several times and we became great friends. People are very crazy and telling us that we have close relations but noting except great friends.

Sajal Ali Facebook

Sajal Ali Tw

Sajal Ali Instagram:


Sajal Ali Mother:

Sajal Ali’s name is Rahat Begum. That news broke Sanam Baloch during her morning show on ARY News. Sanam Baloch said that Rahat Appa, the Mother of Sajal Ali is no more with us. She is expired.

Sajal Ali Marriage:

Finally, Sajal Ali marriage with Ahad Raza Mir took place. Fans are very happy to hear the news that Sajal Ali got Ahad Raza Mir as a husband. Now you can say that Sajal Ali husband name is Ahad Raza Mir.

Before marriage, Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir work together to many drama’s. On the set of drama Yakeen Ka Safar, they came close and fall with love. With the passage of time, Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir saw everywhere and the media started to break some news. After so many speculations, finally Sajal Ali engagement with Ahad Raza Mir. They announced their official engagement and get married in the future. Now they work together more frequently.

Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir marriage is now a million dollars question in the Pakistani Showbiz Industry. Sources clear that Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir will be married in 2020. Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir marriage took place in Turkey, where special people are were invited like Sajal Aly family, a close friend, and Ahad Raza Mir family and very close relatives. However, the source confirms that Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir celebrate marriage in Pakistan also, where all the friends, relatives, and showbiz personalities were invited.

On the other hand, Sajal Ali can not say anything about her marriage with Ahad Raza Mir but sometimes you can nothing but say everything. Only time will tell and we also wait.

Now Sajal Ali marriage with Ahad Raza Mir in UAE. The marriage of Sajal Ali with Ahad Mir took place in a very simple manner because of Corona Virus. Some Pics of Sajal Ahad wedding will share for the fans.

Sajal Ali Husband name:

Many people search this question that what is the name of Sajal Ali husband? Sajal Ali husband. Name of Sajal Ali husband. Sajal Ali husband name. We told you that Sajal Ali did not marry yet. She is married to Ahad Raza Mir and spend a happy life.

Sajal Aly Films:

Sajal Aly also works in Lollywood films. Her debut film was Zindagi Kitni Hasen Hai in 2016.
Mom is the second film of Sajal Ali in 2017.

Sajal Ali Tele Films:

O meri Billi in 2012. ya Pyar Ho Gya in 2012.
Sitara Ke Mohabbat in 2012.
Dosra Naam………2013. Behaad……….2013
Bad Baj Gya ………2013 Well in time….2013
Yaqeen………………2014 Youn Hum Mily…2014
Ishq for Sale…2015

Sajal Aly Drama list:

Nadaaniyan ..2009. Mehmoodabad Ke Malkaen .2011
Meri Ladle …..2011 Chandani …………………………….2011
Meray Qatil Mery Dildar………………2011

Mohababt Jye Bhar Mey ……………….2012
Dou Dant Ke Mohabbat ……………….2012
Nanhi…..2013 Gohar-e-Nayab …….2013

Quddusi Shahab Ke Bewaha…………..2013
Mera Raqeeb…….2014 Chupky Se Bagar Aa Jye….2014
Khuda Dekh Raha Hy……2015
Gul-e-Rana …………………… 2016
Yaqeen Ka Safar ……..……..2017
Noor-ul-Ain ……………………2018
Alif …………………………………..2019

Sajal Ali Height, weight, size and body measurement:_

Height: 1.68 M (5feet 511811 inch)

Weight: 52 KG Waist size: 26 inch
Hip size: 33 inch Shoe size: almost 8.
Body measurement: 33-26-33 inches
Hair color: Brown Eyes color: Brown

Bra Size: 33B Body Shape: Hourglass

Sajal Ali Sister name:-

Sajal Ali has only one sister. Her name is Saboor Ali. She is very close to her sister. Saboor Ali is also an Actress but she is not very famous and popular as Sajal Ali. Saboor Ali also started her career as an actress in a drama. Her first drama is Dil Awais in 2011. She works in the Pakistan film industry called Bollywood. She participated in two films also. Actor in Law in 2016 and Nanu Aur Main in 2018. Sajal Aly and Saboor Aly have some habits very similar. After the death of her mother Rahat Begum, two sisters came close more than ever. She is also an actress. Saboor Ali has a lot of love with her sister Sajal Ali. Both sisters work together in so many dramas and keep working in the future.

Sajal Aly viral dance video:

Sajal Aly is the habit of dancing. Sajal Aly danced Feroz Khan sisters wedding video is viral on Social Media. On that occasion, she danced like a professional and people like her dance very much.

Sajal Ali bridal shoot:

Interesting fact about Sajal Ali:

Does Sajal Ali drunk? No

Does Sajal Ali have a boyfriend in the past? Yes

Does Sajal Ali have the habit of smoking? No

Does Sajal Ali work with her sister Saboor Ali? yes

Does Sajal Ali work with her husband (future)? yes

Does Sajal Ali active in social media? yes

Does Sajal Ali work in films? yes

Sajal Ali pics:


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