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Sarah Khan Biography:

Sarah Khan is a well-organized actress. She belongs to Pakistan and has a lot of success on her behalf. Not many fans of Sarah Ali Khan know that she was born in Madina, Saudia Arabia. Sarah Khan started her career in 2012 with a little but very effective role in the drama serial of HUM TV Badi Aapa. After that Sarah Ali Khan gains a lot of success only because of her hard work and interest in acting. As we said earlier Sarah Ali Khan born in Madina, Saudia Arab. Now she settles in Karachi. Sarah Ali’s date of birth is 14 July 1992. According to her date of birth, Sarah Ali Khan age is 27 years old and she looking very young and energetic. She believes in hard work, hard work and only hard work. Therefore, Sarah Ali Khan got a lot of success in her early career. In 2014, Sarah Ali Khan included in the BBC’s 100 women.

Sarah Khan biodata

Name: Sarah Khan
Nick Name: Sarah
Profession: TV actress, model
Date of birth: 14 July 1992
Place of birth: Karachi
Age: 27 years old
Nationality: Pakistani
Religion: Islam
Hometown: Karachi (Pakistani)

Sarah Khan sisters: Noor Khan and Aisha Khan

Marriage life: Single
Debut year: 2012
Height: 5 Feet 5 inches (165CM)
Weight: 55 KG (119 lbs)
Body Measurement: 34-29-35
Hair Colour: Black

Sarah Khan weight:

Fans are very keen to know everything about Sarah Ali Khan especially her weight, height, age, and relations with Agha Khan. Sarah Khan loss a lot of weight during the last two months. Approximately she loss weight about 10 kGs. Sarah Khan weight is 55 KG and she lose weight near about 10 Kg the last two or three months.

Sara Ali video:

Sarah Ali Khan Drama List:

Badi Aapa in 2012 Mirat-ul-Uroos (2012
Gohar-e-Nayab in 2013
Bhool in 2014
Maana ka Gharna 2015 Alvida in 2015
Mohabbat Aag si (2015) Naraz in 2015
Tum Mere Ho in 2016 Dekho Chand Aya 2016
Ahsas in 2016
Mohabbat PK in 2017 Tumhare Hain 2017
Kitni Girhain Baki Hain 2 in 2017 Yaar-e-Bewafa (2017)
Karamat-e-Ishq (2018) Ustani Jee in 2018
Mere Bewafa in 2018 Band Khirkiyan (2018)
Choti Choti Batian (2019) Mere Humdam in 2019
Deewar-e-Shab in 2019 Sabbat (2019)

Sarah Khan sister:

Sarah Khan have a rich family background. She has two young and attractive sisters. Sarah Khan sister names are Noor Khan and Aisha Khan.

Sarah Khan brother:

As we said earlier that Sarah Ali Khan two young sisters and one brother. At the moment we can not tell you the name of her brother but as soon as possible we told you.

Sarah Khan mother:

Sarah Khan mother’s name is Seema Khan. Her mother died. On the death of her mother, Sarah Khan were very dejected and weeping bitterly. With the passage of time, She became very strong and hardworking and handle her family. Sarah Khan emotionally attached to her mother Seema Khan.

Sarah Khan Height:

Sarah Khan very keen on her figure and spent a lot of time in the gym. She loses a lot of weight in the last two or three months. She is a taller guy. Sarah Khan height is 5 feet and 5 inches.

Sarah Ali and Agha Ali engagement and break up:

Sarah Ali engages with Agha Ali on September 2017. Agha Ali Khan is also a TV actor and they do a lot of work together. Agha Ali said about Sarah Ali that She is a very talented actress and I impress her personality. We got to engage now and looking forward to a happy future life. But suddenly Agha Ali Khan breaks the relation with Sarah Ali. Agha Ali very active on medial about breaking relation with Sarah Ali Khan but Sarah Ali said nothing. After a long time, Sarah Ali Khan gave an interview and told the truth about Agha Ali Khan. She told that Agha Ali Khan very keen to do everything before marriage. I can not stop him because I love him so much but Agha Ali is a very greedy person. He is not interested in my love, only interested in my body. Enough is enough, I decided that is not fair before marriage. Agha Ali very angry and break the relation. Thank God, that is the right decision and now I am very happy and soon will be married and start my life with a new life partner. Now Sarah Ali recovers day by day after the break up with Agha Ali. Fans of Sarah Ali Khan will be heard good news soon.

Sarah Ali marriage:

A lot of searches made about Sarah Khan marriage pakistani. She is not married yet. Sarah Ali Khan engages with Agha Ali Khan in September 2017 and wants to marry in the future but they can not do this. Agha Ali breaks his relation with Sarah Ali Khan. Sarah Ali was very sad about the breakup and keep silent. After a long time, she told the relation and said Agha Ali wants to do everything before marriage but I can not do this, therefore Agha Ali break the relation. Now I am very happy and again do marriage with the parent’s choice.

Sarah Ali Khan Pakistani video

Some interesting facts about Sarah Ali Khan:

Do Sarah Ali a hard-working and energetic actress? yes
Does Sarah Ali have the habit of smoking? No
Does Sarah Ali like drinking? Not at all
Does Sarah Ali’s sister also in Pakistan Drama Industry? Yes
How many brothers Sarah Ali have? one
Does Sarah Ali was very dejected on her mother died? yes
Does Sarah Ali marry? not

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