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Shahbaz Shigri biography:

ماہرہ خان کے دوسرے شوہر کے بارے میں تفصیلات

Shahbaz Shigri not only a good looking actor but also have experience in the field of direction, production, and modeling. His first film as an actor was Slackistan in 2010. The director of this film was Hammad Khan who is living in London. Although Slackistan could not earn a lot of money but audiences like Shahbaz Shigri acting and handsome personality.

Shahbaz Shigri was born on 24 February 1988 in Islamabad. Now he is settled in Karachi and Islamabad. Shahbaz Shigri marriage with her colleague Ayesha Linnea in 2014. Shahbaz Shigri and Ayesha Linnea spend a happy married life with harmony and care but after five years of marriage, Shahbaz Shigri gave divorce Aiesha Linnea. Fans were shocked to hear the news of Shahbaz Shigri and Ayesha Linnea divorced.

Shahbaz Shigri age:

اقرا عزیز اور یاسر حسین کی موج مستیاں

Shahbaz Shigri is a talented, energetic, and handsome guy. He maintains himself very well. His date of birth is 24 February 1988. According to his date of birth. Shahbaz Shigri age is 32 years.

Shahbaz Shigri height:

Shahbaz Shigri is very famous among the fans especially women. A lot of searches made about his height. We told you with confirmation that Shahbaz Shigri height is 6 Feet ( 1.83cm)

Shahbaz Shigri weight:

He is very keen to maintain his weight. Therefore, he spend so many hours in gyms. Shahbaz Shigri weight is 56 Kg (123 pounds).

Shahbaz Shigri education:

Shahbaz Shigri has full command in filmmaking. He did her special course film making from New York Film Academy from America.

Shahbaz Shigri family:

Shahbaz Shigri married Aisha Linnea in 2014. He was spending happy marriage life with Ayesha Linnea but unfortunately Shahbaz Shigri not go forward with Ayesha Linnea and gave divorced Aisha Linnea. She also belongs to the showbiz industry and a very famous model.

Shahbaz Shigri Movies:

Slacistan              Gol Chakkar

Verna                   Anima State

Paray hut Love

Shahbaz Shigri Biodata/ wikipedia:

Name: Shahbaz Hamid Shigri شہباز شگری

Profession: Filmmaker, Actor and VFX artist

Date of birth: 24 Feb 1988

Age: 32 Years

Place of birth: Islamabad

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Martial status: Marriage with Ayesha Linnea and gave divorced

Height: 6 Feet (1.83cm)

Weight: 56 Kg (123 pounds)

Girlfriend: Aima Baig

Father name: Not Available

Mother name: Not available

Sister name: Not available

Brother name: Not available

Education: New York Film Academy

Shahbaz Shigri marriage Aima Baig:

Some reliable sources told that Shahbaz Shigri and Aima Baig will be married soon. Shahbaz Shigri decided to say any single news about Aima Baig. Shahbaz Shigri and Aima Baig now very close together. Therefore, they discussed everywhere.

Shahbaz Shigri first marriage with Ayesha Linnea. She is also in the field of showbiz and a very bold model. After spending some years with Ayesha Linnea, Shahbaz Shigri gave divorced his first wife. Now he is seen with Aima Baig.

Shahbaz Shigri shares a picture on his Instagram account with the caption, He calls Aima Baig his partner in crime, homie, companion and his better half.

Shahbaz Shigri and Aima Baig very close together. Aima Baig is showing a lot of interest towards Shahbaz Shigri. Let’s see what happened in the upcoming days. Hope for the best.

Fans also wanted Shahbaz Shigri second marriage with Aima Baig soon. Sources confirm that Shahbaz Shigri second wife name will be Aima Baig.

Aima Baig age:

Aima Baig is a handsome singer in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Fans are keen to know about herself everything especially about Aima Baig age. A lot searched made about her age. We can tell you Aima Baig age with authority and confirmation. Her place of birth is Rahim yar Khan. Her date of birth is 10 March 1995. According to her date of birth, Aima Baig is 25 years old.

Shahbaz Shigri instagram:

Showbiz actors using Instagram and other social media apps regularly to inform their fans about his activities. Shahbaz Shigri is also using Instagram very well. His Instagram address is as under.

Shahbaz Shigri instagram address:

Shahbaz Shigri facebook

Shahbaz Shigri is very keen to use social media. He shares every single moment. Fans are also keen to know about Shahbaz Shigri and Aima Baig. Shahbaz Shigri facebook address is given below:

Shahbaz Shigri Facebook address:

Shahbaz Shigri twitter

Shahbaz Shigri very energetic about social media handling and spend free time in social media especially on twitter to inform fans about his activities and share some useful information. Shahbaz Shigri twitter address is as under:-

Shahbaz Shigri twitter address:

Shahbaz Shigri Aima Baig pics:

Shehbaz Shigri statement Aima Baig:

Shehbaz Shigri share a picture on his Instagram account with singer Aima Baig. He said that the most beautiful, amazig, magnanimous and wholesomely awesome human being I have never met in my life, and that is Aima Baig next to him.

I am kidding, All those descriptive words actually appy to her, an still they are not enough. Thanks for tolerating me you gorgeous soul. I promise it only gets worst, so hold on tight.

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