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Shahid Khan Afridi Biography:

Shahid Khan Afridi is a popular personality not only in Pakistan also all over the world. Shahid Khan Afridi known as a hard hitter but he started his career as a bowler in Pakistani Cricket Team. His real name is Sahibzada Muhammad Shahid Khan Afridi. He also popular with the name of Lala and Boom Boom.
Shahid Afridi is a former captain f Pakistan Cricket team. He is the all rounder but known as a hard hitter. When he came to bat, stadium atmosphere were very noisy. Everyone hope that every single ball will go out of the stadium. So many time Shahid Afridi do this and viewers enjoy his style of batting.

He played 27 test matches for his country and also participated 350 one days matched also. Shahid Afridi also played Twenty Twenty and had the record of most wickets form Pakistan. Shahid Afridi also stolen the record of most sixes in one day matches. Afridi’s fans called him Boom Boom but most of the people did not know who gave him this title. We told you that Indian All Rounder Ravi Shastari called him Boom Boom. After that Shahid Afridi famous with the name of Boom Boom.

Shahid Afridi Test Debut:-

Shahid Afridi played his first test match against Australia 22 October, 1998. His last test match was also against Australia in 13th July 2010.

Shahid Afridi One Day Debut:-

Shahid Afridi played his first one day match against 2nd October 1996 versus Kenya. He played his last one day match versus Australia 20th March 2015.

Shahid Afridi T-20 Debut:-

Shahid Afridi played his first T-20 match against England in 28 August 2006 and the last one versus West Indies in 31th May, 2018.

Shahid Afridi One day career:-

Shahid Afridi played 398 matches for his country and made 8064 runs with the strike rate of 117.00.
Shahid Afridi has 6 hundred and 39 fifties on his one day career. His one day career best score is 124.
Shahid Afridi took 127 catches also.

Shahid Afridi Test career:-

Shahid Afridi also played 27 test match for Pakistan. He made 1716 runs with the average of 36.51. Test cricket is not his style of cricket but he also do well.
Shahid Afridi career best in test matches is 156. He took 10 catches and repute as a good fielder.

Shahid Afridi T-20 career:-

Shahid Afridi style suit for T-20 type of cricket because he likes to play freely. He played 99 matches and made 1416 runs. His best score is 54 not out but bad average of 19.92 but strike rate is over 150.00. Shahid Afridi took 30 catches in T-20.

Shahid Afridi controversy statements :-

Shahid Afridi during his career and also after the retirement gave controversy statements. Sports analysts said that Afridi know the art of headlines. Shahid Afridi started his statements with great javed miandad. people settled that matter and after that he gave a statement about Kashmir without any sense.

Now Shahid Afridi written his autobiography in a book. The name of the book is Game Changer. In his book, Shahid Afridi revealed shocking information. He told that when he scored fastest century (Now the record is broken) his age is nineteen not sixteen.

Shahid Afridi have a hard hand on great Javed Miandad. He said that Javed Miandad never likes me. When we are playing in India, Javed Miandad never gave me a time to take practice. Miandad also does not like my batting style. When fans called me Boom Boom, he also dislike it. I tried my level best to get support of Javed Miandad but Miandad no mercy for me. I do not know why Miandad treated me.

In the book Game Changer Shahid Afridi About Waqar Younis said that Waqar is an average captain but very bad coach. When he became the coach of Pakistan Cricket Team, started conflicts with great Waseem Akram. After that waqar and waseem has close heart with each other.

Now the Game Changer book is launched for the audience. In the event of launching, Shahid Afridi said that where I criticize, I also admire the Pakistani cricketer. Afridi stated on the oval test when Inzamam ul haq walk out of the ground, the decision was not good one. Inzamam stay on the ground and contact to media or ICC. Some of the pictures of Shahid Afridi book Game Changer shared with the audience.


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